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Dealing with kids who have developed a negative attitude

Do not be surprised if the first birthday of you adorable child brings alone a few bad habits since it may only be a part of their natural growth. Kids usually get so affectionate to the word “no” that they start using it in almost every situation. There are times when you would find their negative attitude a bit troublesome but who says parenting is an easy job. Let us have a look at what to do:

Why do kids utter up word “no” more often

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It is quite natural that as kids grow up they learn the ways of elders. They observe you and imitate. Psychologists believe that the word no gives them a sense of freedom. They know they have a choice, which is part of a healthy physical and mental growth. It is perfectly normal. Research says that this bad habit may start off when they are a year old and may get worse when they are two. However, kids learn usually to be cooperative when they are three and above.

Watch your own behavior

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It is a common belief the behavior of kids reflect the behavior patterns of their parents and it is true to a certain extent. Those kids who use “no” for almost everything may have learnt it from their parents. Parents must observe their own words and analyze them. How many times do your use word “no” in a day especially when your kids are around? It does not mean that you stop using the expression but simply prohibit the use of this word. Be smart and innovative with the vocabulary you use in everyday life.

Let them choose

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You can involve kids in small decisions that concern them. For example, give them a choice between their favorite foods or drinks. Such situations help you convey the idea that you let them make their decisions, which may in turn instigate positive behavior on their part.

Use positive words to encourage positive behavior

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Those parents who lose their cool when their kids do not listen to them or deny something must understand that a proactive approach is more helpful. When your kids say no when you ask them to finish their breakfast, tell them that you would love to play their favorite game the moment they finish the food. Do not scold, yell or shout at them, as it serves no purpose. Be positive in your approach to take them in confidence.

Get to the root cause

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Psychologists believe that kids behave negatively for countless reasons. At times, kids react this way simply to get your attention. They may be having a hard time at school or finding it difficult to mingle with other kids. Kids get frustrated when parents do not make time for them or take them for granted. You cannot deny the possibility of jealousy with their siblings or sleep deprivation in some cases. Once you get to the root cause of the problem, it is much easier to resolve the issue.

Empathize and make them understand

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It sure is not difficult for parents to understand their kids but they either do not get time or do not make efforts. There is always a reason each time kids behave negatively. When you empathize with them, it’s easier to sort out the problem. Try to explain your reasons and expect good results as kids always try to please their parents. They hardly leave any opportunity to be in good books of their parents unless they have a reason to do so.

One of many different challenges of parenting is dealing with the negative behavior of kids. Love your kids even more, give them surprise hugs and spend quality time with them. It helps you understand them, which eventually leads to a mutual understanding.

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