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Cheeky Chick: Ride-on, push-on toy

cheeky chick

After the wheely bug, here’s another interesting ride-on toy for your super active kid. Cheeky Chick, the foot-to-floor ride-on toy is strong yet light in weight to give your toddler a perfect toy to play with and learn the basics of movement.

Till the time your toddler finds his own way to push his new toy around, you can help him have fun by pushing him with the detachable handle bar that comes along. This is not all about Cheeky Chick. Apart from being a great toy, this one is also easy to store when not in use. For easy storage, you can fold it and slide it under the bed.

And if it’s about carrying it to the garden, it comes with a sling that you can hang around your shoulder and easily carry it wherever you want. It’s available in pink and green.

Via: OkieDog

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