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Liquorice Allsorts Playhouse — Building blocks at their best!

liquorice allsorts playhouse
Till now most of us have come across the building blocks for kids that are small and can be clutched in hand. These helped to build houses to play with and make houses that can only be seen and enjoyed. Here you have the giant version of the building blocks from Liquorice Allsorts that can be built and lived into while playing. Surprised? The blocks are large and display bright colours that attract the kids to play with. They can enter into it and enjoy palying in a group getting inside the house they have built. What a great idea to get the kids engaged and have fun and enjoyment while playing. Building and managing these blocks to keep them set at one place, and then enjoying the actual stay inside the playhouse will make children feel extremely happy. Perfect for community group or the kindergarten as it will also help the kids to mingle in the group and learn about the colours and shapes in a fun manner.The price of this giant building blocks set is £529.99

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