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8 Worse Behavioral Patterns Imposed by Helicopter Parenting in Children

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Ranging from lack of self-confidence to the development of a rebellious behaviour, helicopter parenting can produce several undesired affects. The following list registers 8 of the most adverse issues raised by helicopter parenting.

8 Poor Effects of Helicopter Parenting

1. Anxiety and Panic


Overparenting can trigger anxiety and panic disorders in children. As these are developed very early in them, they can become practically impossible to eliminate and stick with the child for her entire life.

2. Development of Rebel Tendency

Helicopter parenting a.k.a. lawnmower parenting is likely to become a chief cause to develop a heightened prerogative sense. It can cause the child to seek her own way of living a protected life and thus result in a rebellious behavior.

3. Easy Target for Bullies


Overprotected children are likely to skip on developing self-protective skills that pave wave for them to be harassed and exploited by bullies.

4. Fragile and Easily Broken

Children subjected to cosseting parenting are fragile and can easily get depressed from situations that require varied mental processing and plan-and-do tactics.

5. HindersIndependence and Personal Growth

Personal Growth

There are several dire consequences brought to the table by overparenting. Not only leading to an underdeveloped coping skill-set, it can result into the child not being able to depend on his/her own intellect to deal with a situation i.e. not become independent. As this can reduce confidence and self-esteem, personal growth might be affected as well.

6. Negative Effect of Parental Conditional Regard

Parental Conditional Regard is the aspect of helicopter parenting in which the child is praised for doing/achieving something favorable and heavily criticized for not being able to do something as per the parents’ expectations. Such behavior can cause the development of some very worse negative effects. Such as, the child may lose all love for the parent and only care about the attention she is given.

7. Not Able to Learn Accountability

Most bulldoze parents continuously intervene into their child’s actions. They even intervene with their wrongdoings, which can let the child miss out the important lesson of accountability.

8. Overfear of Failure

Overfear Failure

Failing at times allow children to hone their problem solving skills. As helicopter parenting could include strict disciplinary actions against failures, it might develop a high-level fear of failure in a child. So, the child might stay away from trying things that, according to her, can result into failures. Overfear of failure in children can become a cause of depression and brain disorders too.


One simple way to avoid the undesired effects of helicopter parenting is to let your children solve their own problems and giving them your support when they really need it.

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