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10 Cool crafty ways to decorate pumpkins

Decorative craft projects can be a fun activity that you can undertake with your kids during the holidays or weekends when you have lot of free time to enjoy and spend quality time with your kids. Are you planning a fun filled day with your kids? Here are some cool ideas to decorate a pumpkin which can even be used as a Halloween costume.

1. Monster pumpkins

Monster Pumpkins

For making a monster pumpkin, you need to first clear the contents of the pumpkin and carve a big mouth that stretched up to the ear. Carve it wide open to imitate a scary Halloween atmosphere. Pair this big pumpkin with several cute small pumpkins. You can draw their faces instead of carving them as carving could be a bit difficult on smaller ones. Now, using a shish kebab skewer, poke holes through the smaller pumpkins and make a trail that you can poke into the monstrous mouth of the bigger pumpkin. Scary!

2. Witch pumpkin lanterns

Witch Pumpkin Lanterns

The witch pumpkin comes with a perfect pointy black hat that can be created with chart paper. Pain the face black and add a pointy or spooky nose as well. Carve out the mouth in a zig zag shape and the eyes can be crescent shaped with eyeballs either popping out or pushed inside. With the lighting arrangements, anyone can be spooked to death.

3. Jack ‘O Lantern pot

Created from Terracotta pots, these pumpkins are not messy like the real ones. Paint the pumpkin face on to the pot and use a green pipe cleaner and felt for the stalk and the leaf. These are easy to make versions of the real pumpkin carvings.

4. Frankenstein pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin

An easy to make version, this is a classic Frankenstein meets jack ‘o Lantern. You need medical tapes for the stitches and the mouth can be carved like a stitch. With deep oval holes as the eyes, they look cute and pathetic, yet fun to make and enjoy.

5. Pumpkins with polka dots

These cute polka dotted pumpkins are a welcome change from the spooky creations that we are so used to. You can go for white and orange versions of these dotted versions. Paint the pumpkins a bright uniform orange and cream, allow it to completely dry. Put dots with a stencil or a sponge or with a brush if you have steady hands. They look entirely stunning and creative.

6. Pumpkin candy

Pumpkin Candy

This beautiful pumpkin creation spurred from the imagination of Channel Martha Stewart. It has decorations that are done with marshmallows, Good & Plenty and Liquorice. However, you need not try to imitate it just as it is. There are many other things that can be used in the place of the above mentioned materials if you do not have them ready in your house. You may use other available goods like candies, biscuits and what not to get a similar, if not better effect with your own creative imagination.

7. Cheshire cat

This cat stencil with googly eyes and a wicket smile is all that you need to carve a Cheshire cat jack ‘o lantern for a change. They look pretty simple for carving considering some of the other carvings we discussed earlier. They are cut and can indulge a kid with its cute demeanor.

8. Transfer designs

Transfer Designs

This is a cool way to avoid the messy cleaning of pumpkins. The witch design bought from Michael’s have 60 pieces that you can use for decorating the pumpkins. They come with sparkles as well which will light up the entire activity rom. These transfer designs are way too fun and a quick way to create beautiful jack ‘o lanterns. They are available in a variety of transfer designs.

9. Wicked pumpkin

Wicked Pumpkin

This wicket looking pumpkin takes your breath away with its scary eyes, poky nose and toothy grin. The nose is created with the pumpkin stem and you can carve the eyes and the wicket smile with a knife. Make sure that you choose the best looking stem with twisted and puckered sides to get the best effect while you make this one.

10. Jack ‘o’ Lantern templates

Hersheys.com offer free templates that can be downloaded for carving your pumpkins. Browse through the cool templates and choose the best ones that can create the most wonderful Halloween pumpkins this year.

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