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Japan Eases Visa Rules To Attract ‘Medical Tourists’

Japan Eases Visa Rules To Attract Medical TouristsJapan said Friday it waseasing visa requirements for patients seeking care at Japanese hospitals ina bid to promote “medical tourism”, particularly among Asians with risingwealth. Under the new Visa for Medical Stay system, which will start nextmonth, foreign patients can receive renewable, multiple-entry six-monthvisas, compared with single-entry, 90-day visas available now.





Dental Tourism’s Low Costs Luring Americans

Dental TourismThe price of dental care can be costly, even for people whohave insurance.Experts say more and more people are heading to places likeMexico, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand and South Korea to get dental work done formuch less. It’s an industry phenomenon called dental tourism. Sheilia Linerhad broken and damaged teeth for years. Even with dental insurance, she wasquoted about $14,000 to fix them, a price tag she couldn’t afford.





NHS In Scotland ‘Facing More Cost Pressures’

NHSScotland’s health service is performing well but still facesunprecedented financial pressures, an independent report has concluded.Audit Scotland said last year all NHS bodies met their financial targets.Thepublic spending watchdog found the service underspent by £43m – about 0.4%of its £10.9bn budget in 2009/10.





Medical Tourism Set To Top $100 Billion By 2012

MT 2012Medical tourism is a massive and rapidly growing travel sector allover the world and is forecast to be worth USD100 billion by 2012.The sectoris growing at a rate of 20-30% a year with no slowdown foreseen. The Timesof India recently cited figures from Frost and Sullivan, the businessresearch and consulting firm.





Make Healthcare Easy, Affordable And Accessible,Says Healthcare Expert in Gujarat

Make Healthcare easy – India”Gujarat, one of the leading states in India,has all the makings to emerge as a popular medical tourism hub,” saidleading medical tourism consultant, Prem Jagyasi, talking on the sidelinesof the healthcare seminar at PDPU, Gandhinagar. However, he added, for thisto happen the state needs to improve the medical facilities and also developsupporting infrastructure.