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The trusted partner to medical tourists

SpringMedo builds trustworthy partnerships with medical tourists. Trust is a big factor in medical tourism as we have to take care of the healthcare requirements of a person of a different nation and culture. We make sure you get the superior quality service and support in every aspect of medical tourism be it for your medical or non-medical needs.

Our patient-centric policies and the skill in collaborating with international patients have established our trustworthiness and reliability in the crowded market. We shoulder every responsibility allowing you to relax and focus on your health. Our transparency in all our dealings will give you the confidence to rely on what we offer.

Safety is another concern among medical tourists. Trust factor plays a big role to assure patients that they are in the safest hands. We at SpringMedo are successful in ensuring absolute safety making their medical tourism a satisfying experience. Our programs and packages will help in meeting your health objectives. In the end, you will feel glad for choosing us.

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Patient understanding

In medical tourism, proper patient understanding matters most. It is a special skill that helps in quick confidence-building among patients. Patient demands and requirements vary a lot and catering to those is not a cakewalk. Many factors come into play when a patient plans for overseas medical treatments. Not all patients can communicate their needs and requirements clearly. Lack of clarity in communication between the patient and provider is not unusual, and inability to understand a patient leads to disastrous consequences. With us, chances of such events are zero.

Our team at SpringMedo with cumulative 150 years of experience understand you and your needs better. We address all your needs with due respect even if they seem to be trivial and bring the right solutions to you. As a patient, you may not always be in the position to make the right choice in healthcare service and other related matters.

Experience has built our foresightedness. We have trained frontline executives who are expert in understanding your needs. Their unique style of communication helps in growing the confidence in you. You will be able to communicate your needs freely without any hesitation. Even if there is any language problem, we have language experts and translators to help you out in communication.

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Unique service delivery

Whether it is healthcare support or itinerary planning, SpringMedo’s service delivery is unique in all respects. You get the best and timely support in all your needs as we value your time and money. and Right from answering your queries, fixing treatment schedules and planning your trip, you won’t be left waiting for long.

As a medical tourist, you need to go through several processes like consultation, visa processing, scheduling travel, initial clinical checkups, treatments and all.  We have extensive service list that speaks volumes of our efficiency and promptness. Our service delivery packages will leave no chances of complaints.

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Personalized care

Every patient is different and so are his/her needs. Therefore, personalization is the key to successful medical tourism venture. SpringMedo takes special care in creating personalized packages exclusively based on your needs. We provide the comfort to patients so that they can convey their needs distinctly.  Our executives will be in constant touch with you to ensure all your needs are taken care of as offered in the service package.

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Extended affordability and convenience

Availing affordable healthcare away from home is not feasible for many as the affordability factor varies with each patient. SpringMedo offers the best possible affordable medical treatment options in accredited facilities in different locations so that the patient does not have to worry too much on the financial part.

Discount on hospital bills is not what you can expect often. SpringMedo helps you in this as well. Our periodic discount offers can be availed on referrals, long stays and flight tickets. You can make your choice according to your convenience to save more on your total expenditure.

Accommodation is an important part in medical tourism not only for patients but also for those accompanying them. For patients requiring a long stay, it can be expensive. With SpringMedo’s services, you will not have to worry about that at all.  We take care whether in-hospital accommodation can be provided for your companions.

Depending on the situation, we arrange separate accommodation arrangements for patients and his/her companions near to the hospital/clinic and that too within permissible price range. Our free airport pickup and drop off services are there for your convenience that also helps in saving travel cost.

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Our strong partnerships with best healthcare facilities

As a leading medical tourism company, we take pride in strong partnerships with reputed and NABH accredited super-specialty clinics/hospitals in India. Based on your medical requirements, we will arrange the best-fit specialty hospital/clinic in top metro cities in India like Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata according to your choice.

All our partnered hospitals maintain a pool of talented specialists and the best infrastructure. They have the capacity to provide the most advanced treatments and critical care in almost all specialty care. All specialist physicians are highly skilled with a proven track record, and many of them have earned global recognition in their respective specialties.

Other world-class patient services include advanced diagnostics and imaging services, physiotherapy and wellness treatments to facilitate quick treatment and recovery. Special facilities like food-joints and resting places are also available for the convenience of family members and friends accompanying medical tourists.

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Trusted partnership in travel

To facilitate convenient travel, we have trusted travel partners to help you in your travel and accommodation bookings and that too at a discounted cost. In case of your pressing needs, we make sure to get the booking for you and your companion even during the peak season.

Destination partnership

Not all can travel to other destinations to avail medical treatments. Considering their situation, we have extended our service in partnership with hospitals of other destinations to organize health camps. Our specialist partners from different facilities visit those camps and conduct important surgeries along with other treatments.