Surrogacy Maternity Programs (SM)

Surrogacy Maternity (SM) programs provided by us are flexible and affordable. We ensure that all our services can be accessible to all childless couples. Whatever may be the program features and benefits, our aim is to provide you full satisfaction in achieving your long cherished dream of parenthood. Each and every step of SM program is crucial and our efficient planning and experience ensure no slips that can be too costly.

We maintain stringent screening and monitoring right from patient assessment (the couples), egg donor and surrogate selection to the entire process involving egg/sperm/embryo donation, IVF procedure and child birth. Our highest level of professionalism and quality care leave no room for complaints.

But we do like to hear your special requirement and are happy to make all arrangements to meet your needs and wants. Years of experience in providing specialized surrogacy programs to childless couples from different parts of the world, ISIDA CARE has won everybody’s trust and confidence. Transparency, honesty, dedication and passion have helped us meet the couples’ expectations beyond their imagination.

Above all, we understand the couple’s mental state while turning to surrogacy as the last resort. We appreciate their courageous decision to embark on an uncertainty-filled journey where we take the responsibility to fetch them the desired success. We also respect and take proper care of both the surrogate and egg donor. We value their extended cooperation for childless couples which is often beyond the financial gains.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy means the woman will not have any genetic linkage to the baby. The biological material (oocyte) of the surrogate will not be used in the IVF process. The embryos must be created with the sperm and egg of the intending couple or from any donor. The surrogate will only help in development of the fetus in her womb through a full pregnancy term.

Stepwise SM program

It takes pride in offering the best customer service along with outstanding success in surrogacy maternity programs. Success in IVF demands the highest level of expertise and quality check which we ensure from the start.

From the day one, you will experience a great comfort level through our communication which will be maintained till the end. You will come across various members our team helping you out in various processes. A stepwise guidance is given below:

Step 1

Our follow up executive will guide you with detailed information of the overall surrogacy program. He/she will be responsible to arrange for necessary agreements with the egg donor and surrogate after the selection.
Step 1

Step 2

Our medical coordinator will see the entire IVF program coordinating with you, the donor and the surrogate. He/she will be the prime point of contact throughout till the pregnancy is achieved. During the pregnancy, another coordinator will guide the surrogate mother and maintain the communication between you and the surrogate to keep you updated of the latest developments.
Step 2

Step 3

Post childbirth, our care coordinator will help you with further assistance that most new parents need. It is a great support in a foreign land as parents have to arrange for lot of things. Our care coordinator will be with you in the clinic/hospital at the time of delivery and help you in the documentation process necessary to collect the birth certificate. He/she will also coordinate with other agencies in case there is a need for signatures in any legal document.
Step 3

Synopsis of the Programs provided in surrogacy

  • IVF and ICSI
  • Egg donation
  • Combined IVF and Egg donation program
  • Normal surrogacy program without any donor
  • PGD