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IVF Redia Guaranteed Programs

Needless to mention, guaranteed IVF and Surrogacy Maternity (SM) programs are quite attractive to intended couples since Assisted Reproductive Treatments (ART) are associated with high levels of uncertainty. Although, advancements in fertility treatments has improved the success rate but guaranteed success is rare. It is a big commitment where many factors need to be considered so as not to create false promises or mislead patients.

We understand how repeated failures in IVF treatments can take an emotional toll on intending parents let alone the financial drainage. Therefore, ISIDA CARE’s guaranteed programs are aimed to ensure couples to have their own baby at the same time making them aware of the offerings and the associated guarantee. As a responsible company, we ensure fulfilling clients’ expectations through mutual sharing of few risk factors.

What 100% refund Guaranteed Programs imply?

Intending couples need to be well aware that our guaranteed IVF and SM programs do ensure pregnancy and child birth but that is not without potential risks and unfavorable situations. Our program includes 3 complete IVF cycles including fresh and frozen embryo transfer, cost of embryo freezing, basic lab tests of PGT/NGS and blastocyst culture and medications. We follow the most advanced lab tests to screen for mosaics and DNA abnormalities likely to hamper implantation and cause miscarriage.

Our procedures have proved to increase the success rate by 20%. After all the assured cycles and transfers, if there is any failure, which is unlikely, we refund the entire cost of the program. The 100% refund guaranteed programs are available for eligible patients aged maximum of 37 years and for all patients regardless of age adopting egg or embryo donation services.

Other benefits of this program include:

Expected Eligibility Criteria

The success of IVF treatments depends a lot on the overall health of the couples. It is, therefore, mandatory to go through a thorough health check.

Things you need to ask while choosing the guaranteed program

  • What are the eligibility criteria?
  • In case of a miscarriage or premature delivery, will the guaranteed program cover the surrogate compensation?
  • Does the program cover all treatment costs arising from premature delivery?
  • Time frame of the program – Can this program be extended for 2-3 years to achieve the desired success?
  • What success options are provided if a patient wants success in 1 or 1 ½ years?
  • Will there be any refund if the baby is born with genetic abnormalities?

Building trust with Guaranteed Programs

ISIDA CARE believes in trust building with patients. The guaranteed programs are created based on this with strict adherence of Ukrainian legislation of ART and surrogacy. All your doubts and queries are welcome to us as we believe clear communication and transparency are crucial in trust-building.

We make sure to clear all doubts related to this program making patients aware of the legal terms and their agreement rights to ensure smooth implementation of the program leaving no room for ambiguity. The good news is that our guaranteed programs are fetching success as couples leave Ukraine smiling with the baby in their arms.