Donor Recruitment And Selection Database

Recruiting egg donors and surrogate mothers demand stringent screening to ensure success in IVF programs. At Dr Prem Demo3, we take care of these factors at the start so as not to waste your precious time and money but gift you the bundle of joy that you are longing for.

Getting the best fit egg donor or surrogate is a daunting task as many factors need to be considered. Our database consist of handpicked donors passing stringent recruitment tests.


Dr Prem Demo3’s comprehensive databases of egg donors ensure you get quality oocytes with the highest potential of forming viable embryo through IVF. We allow the intending couples to scan through our database for the selection after initial communication.

Donor anonymity regarding egg donation is maintained as per the Ukraine Health Ministry regulations barring a few exceptional cases with international patients and that too after getting consent from the donor. Each donor goes through all the required screening procedure. Our database contains all crucial information regarding their age, height, weight, lifestyle, education, profession, family lineage and previous medical and egg donation histories. Pictures may not be provided to ensure anonymity.


This is important for everybody – the donor herself, the surrogate, the intending couple and the would-be baby. According to Ukraine legislation, a donor should have her own child and provide the birth certificate as a proof. The following criteria are maintained while adding the donor to our database:
  • Age within 18-32 years
  • Standard body weight
  • Confirmation by the GP of her sound health and complication-free pregnancy history.
  • Pediatrician report confirming good health of the donor’s children
  • Confirmation reports that the donor has no previous history of TB
  • Confirmed test reports certifying the donor is free from HIV, Syphilis and other STIs
  • Extensive screening of blood including testing for glucose, CBC, Proloactin, Hepatitis B and C and others.
  • Reports from narcologist and psychologist confirming the donor free from substance addiction and mental disorders.
  • Screening test for Urogenital and pap smear
  • Ovarian scanning with marked visibility of follicles.



Although the marital status of surrogates has no relevance as per Ukraine’s surrogacy law, we do a marital check. Surrogates from a family having a child are expected to be more committed.


A surrogate often needs a substantial period of undivided commitment towards another family. Therefore, she has to undergo psychological screening throughout the term till childbirth. Surrogates are interviewed to make them fully understand the commitment and the associated responsibility. They need to prove their trustworthiness.


After the successful psychological screening, a check for criminal background is done to ensure the hired surrogate does not have any criminal record. This is to ensure the safety of the would-be-parents and the baby.


It is most likely for a surrogate to have a family. Therefore, other members are also interviewed to make sure that the surrogate’s decision for this program is well supported. Under this circumstance, the surrogate will get full cooperation from her family members where her physical and emotional wellbeing would be well taken care of. Dr Prem Demo3 makes sure that the surrogate is maintaining established living standards required for the success of this program.


A younger surrogate within twenties is always preferred. But young age may not always ensure the best outcome. Women in twenties tend to lead a more active lifestyle whereas those in thirties tend to be calmer and more responsible. Since the surrogate’s eggs are not used, age need not be an important factor always. Dr Prem Demo3 team always helps in selecting the best candidate factoring in all aspects.


This is beyond any doubt that a surrogate after all preliminary screenings has to undergo medical screenings as suggested by the doctor. These include ultrasound scans to check the endometrium layer good enough to carry a healthy baby and blood tests to check the blood count, hormonal levels and the presence of any virus through sexually transmitted infections.