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Advanced macular degeneration (AMD) is the primary reason for vision impairment for people in the age group of 50 and above. A small spot near the retina of the eye known as macula plays a key role in sharp and focused vision. Macula sustains damage owing to wrong lifestyle and other factors. Apart from smoking, racial affiliation and genetic makeup could also cause macular degeneration.

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In some, the damaging impact of age related macular degeneration is rather slow. Vision loss takes over in slow pace. In others, it is a rapid deterioration in eyesight. However, AMD can be controlled by choosing a healthy lifestyle like:
-Quitting smoking.
– Doing regular workouts.
-Maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
-Sticking to a healthy diet regime including lots of fruits and leafy green vegetables in your daily meals.


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Prevalent rate of macular degeneration rate:
Around 10000000 people suffer from a lowered vision potential due to macular degeneration in the US. This is according to a report published by a study group.

Extrapolation of prevalent rate of macular degeneration to countries:
Here we go with an extrapolation of prevalent rate of macular degeneration from a tabulation done on a few country wise basis. However, this is only a future estimation founded on current data:
Country /        EP            / population estimate
USA.          10796154         293655405
Canada      1195142           32507874
Mexico       3858808           104959594
Brazil           6768422          184101109
France         2221478           60424213
UK                2215834          60270708
Germany       3030316           82424609
Russia          5293163            143974059
China              47751749       1298847624
India              39157006         1065070607
Pakistan           5852806          159196336
UAE                  92790               2523915
Australia           732100              19913144

What is macular degeneration?

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This is an age related eye disorder in which the central portion of the retina known as macula, responsible for sharp vision, deteriorates gradually reducing the vision power. Macular degeneration is incurable but the rate of degeneration can be slowed through proper lifestyle and medication.

The best treatments for macular degeneration 

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AMD treatment will protect you from the loss of vision arresting the degeneration process.

The treatment options are as follows:

Anti aging drugs:

These are injected into the eye to check the built up of new blood vessels and seepage from the abnormal vessels from inside the eye leading to wet macular degeneration. This treatment calls for follow up visits to the doctor.

Laser therapy:

In this case, high energy laser can be focused to eliminate the actively growing abnormal blood vessels ending up in age related macular degeneration.

Photodynamic laser therapy:

This treatment takes place in two stages. First a photosensitive drug is introduced in bloodstream which is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels in the eye. Next, the doctor focuses a cold laser into the eye to stimulate the drug blocking the abnormal blood vessels.

Treatment options for macular degeneration

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At present, the possibility of transplantation of the retinal tissue is being investigated and ultimately success is envisaged. There are other treatment options like:

Thermal laser therapy:

This can be employed to eliminate the abnormal blood vessels in the eye that develops in or around the macula.

Transpupillary Thermal therapy:

This is a highly favored option where infrared laser is utilized. This doesn’t harm the retina.

Photodynamic therapy:

This is yet another option where the substance that builds up the blood vessels in the eye is used. It doesn’t cause any damage to the retina.

For those who cannot be treated at all, use of magnifying devices and reading glasses are advised.

Best destinations for macular degeneration:


We have the American Macular Degeneration Foundation, which is literally an enormous storehouse of information for guiding you on the right clinics and their locations. They have a comprehensive directory for this where people suffering from macular degeneration can go. It is advisable thus to visit the website of this foundation for further updates on the best destinations for treating macular degeneration.

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