Things That Make South Korea A Hot Plastic Surgery Destination

The rising popularity of Korean plastic surgery has taken the world by storm. The concept of innovative cosmetic surgery procedures practiced in South Korea has brought about sweeping changes in the global domain of plastic surgery.If you take a walk along the posh and fashion crazy affluent Gangnam street, it is visible everywhere right from the posters on the wall to the neon signage on the public transport. 

It is a long way since the days of Japanese war assaults when South Korea was neck deep in poverty. The nation had made commendable strides in all round progress and the gross domestic earning shot up making the nation wealthier and fashion conscious. The South Koreans are very conscious about their looks. Even the high school students receive a surprise gift of plastic surgery from their parents on the event of celebrating their college graduation.

Cosmetic surgery – The key economy booster:

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In fact, the economic progress of South Korea is intimately linked with the boom of cosmetic surgery and fashion industry. It has almost become a ritual for every household to wear brilliant and yet natural looks. The Korean cosmetic technology has not only affected the domestic population but has also permeated across international boundary attracting international tourists with popular beauty treatments.

They are turned on by the natural and porcelain like smooth looks that a Korean beauty surgeon would gift you by his adeptness.The global popularity of Hallyu is phenomenal and has been the prime driver behind the Korean beauty industry. An average Korean would spend more on beauty products when compared with their western counterparts.

Reasons for the rise in popularity of Korean plastic surgery

TV Telecast

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The Korean television channels broadcast the innovative Korean surgical procedures around the world. In fact, they propagate the best of the Korean beauty make over shows, and the global clientele is convinced about the huge transformative potential of the Korean surgical procedure. It literally sculpts out a new man out of you with brilliant looks and awesome skin quality.

Style crazy attitude

In the past few years, the South Korean attitude towards cosmetic surgery has altered a lot. The Koreans have turned increasingly hopeful about beauty treatment through plastic surgery. It is seen has a fruitful investment in healthcare unlike in the western society where it is considered as a mere show off. Parents inspire their children to undergo plastic surgery to enhance looks in order to achieve a competitive edge in the employment market.

Even the aged hasembraced this trend. Thus, the overall consciousness towards plastic and cosmetic surgery has been on the rise improving the quality of services delivered attracting more and more foreign clients.

Deep rooted beauty consciousness

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In South Korea, youthful appearance is extremely desirable among men and women of all ages. Don’t forget about the Korean ginseng, the root that promises a trip to the fountain of youth. This point is referred here just to point out the Korean’s general inclination towards youngish charms. The popularity of South Korean youth displaying the Ulzzang look inspires men and women in their early 20s to hunt for a softer body tone. Generally, a prominent nose tip, a less angular jaw and double eyelids are the trademark features of this trendy appearance.

Following the glam world

More and more South Korean celebrities and fashion models have been known to adopt South Korean plastic and cosmetic surgery. This trend has gone viral and has allured the beauty conscious world outside South Korea as well to make a beauty treatment visit to this country.
Double eyelids surgery is very popular. It makes the eyelids bigger and rounder. Likewise, rhinoplasty and jaw line reconstruction have also attained a high level of perfection in South Korean surgical clinics.

Specialization in eyelid surgery

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By far, eyelids surgery is the most sought after beauty treatment in the country. Unlike the Caucasians, the South Koreans have monolid eyes without creases. This gives them a tired kind of look always which they want to get rid of. Besides double eyelid surgery is inexpensive and needs lesser recovery time.

Body contouring

South Korea is becoming a highly popular destination for body contouring as well. The clinics are well equipped with modern medical instruments. The surgeons are efficient with the knowledge of a medic and the fingers of an artist.

Future of South Korean plastic surgery

It depends upon
– How well the clinics can use stem cells in skin treatment.
– Innovative thinking should go to design minimally invasive surgical procedures that would require least recovery time.

South Korean surgeons are quite hopeful about the issue. 

South Koreans, the beauty conscious population has been making strides in plastic surgery making the country a hot plastic surgery destination.

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