More tips for a medical tourism companion

  • A companion could also be extremely helpful in communicating with the healthcare providers before the treatment. Sometimes, a patient might feel uncomfortable or nervous to ask certain questions, which is where a companion can come handy. Since you don’t have the pre-procedure jitters, you are also more likely to retain information about the patient’s surgery and pre- and post-op care. Once the treatment is over, the companion will be useful to communicate with relatives and family members back home.
  • You might be required to arrange for special care for the medical traveller at airports on departure from and arrival back into the home country. This is why it is important to understand the medical condition of the patient you are travelling with you so you can be thoroughly prepared before you leave.
  • Besides the physical support provided by a companion, you would be very much needed to help a patient emotionally and mentally. Sometimes, going through a medical procedure or surgery can be emotionally taxing on a person, and having treatments performed outside their home country and away from their relatives makes it a lot harder. You need to do everything in your power to cheer up the medical traveller and keep them in good spirits—as this will aid their speedy recovery.
  • As a companion you should take into consideration the number of days you are taking off work as there is a possibility that you could have to stay longer than you anticipated—in case complications occur.
  • Also, medical travel insurance is always necessary in a medical tour to save on expenses; being a companion you should have knowledge of the policies and procedures that include the terms and conditions of the medical journey.

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