Kazakhstan’s Efforts For Medical Tourists Start Bearing Fruit

In the last couple of years Kazakhstan has made a rapid progress in medical science and in the healthcare industry inspiring a sizeable chunk of international clientele to pour into this country for healthcare solutions. Noteworthy advancements have been made in the following fields:

– Bariatric treatment.
– Cardiac and Neurosurgery.
– Laser supported eye operations.
– General eye transplant. 

Growing in bound medical tourism:

Heart on a background with blood cells

Quite contrary to the general trend when the Kazakhs ventured abroad for better medical treatment, of late, countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, and South Korea have opted Kazakhstan as one of the prime destinations for medical tourism. There must have been something great in this nation in healthcare that has encouraged customers from the above countries with an advanced medical infrastructure to catch a flight to Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Health and Social development in Kazakhstan in last December has confirmed a steep rise in the number of medical tourists visiting Kazakhstan from abroad.

sperms and egg being fertilized

Tengrinews, a popular English news website of Kazakhstan, on December 8th had heralded the statement of Director of Medical aid management in Department of the Ministry of Health and Social development, MrGulnarKulkeyav in 2013. The statement highlighted the chief areas of interest that the foreign customers have targeted are:
– Microsurgical removal of spinal herniated discs.
– Invitro fertilization.
– Heart valve surgery.
– Treatment of Uterine fibroid.
– Adenomyosis.

There has been a sharp growth in visits for healthcare solutions from customers from the United States, Japan, and Italy to the subsidiaries of country’s Private – Private natural medical units. Even a couple of years back, these holdings registered customers from Russia and Kyrgyzstan only. The trend has taken a positive turn with popularity of Kazakhstani clinics on the rise.

The statements favoring the country’s advancement in the medical tourism sector are duly supported by facts and figures. Back in 2013, a number as high as 832 foreign patients were treated in the country’s National Medical Holding clinics and were completely cured.

As per the numbers provided by the Ministry:
– 260 belonged to the United Kingdom.
– 111 were US citizens.
– 51 belonged to Kyrgyzstan.
– 50 were Turkish.
– Russians accounted for 44 patients
– The rest were from Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Philippines and 23 other nations.

Reasons for favoring Kazakhstani clinics are:

Doctor holding calculator in hands - health care concept

– High quality of healthcare services.
– Low priced treatment packages.
As revealed further by the reports from authentic sources, if you compare bone marrow transplant in a Kazakhstani clinic with that of a clinic in Russia, it is way cheaper to have it done in the former. If fact it is half the cost at 51000 USD.
A kidney transplant will charge you somewhere around 16000 USD. In a Russian clinic, they charge you double.
A liver transplant comes just at 20000 USD whereas it is a highly expensive affair in Turkey and other countries neighboring Kazakhstan!

Developing wellness tourism:

A masseuse performing hacking on a male customers body. Hands can be open or lightly curled into loose fists. Percussive strokes, such as hacking, cupping and plucking, are used to stimulate areas, improve circulation, and release muscle tension.

Side by side with medical tourism, Kazakhstan has made a major breakthrough in wellness tourism too. You have every opportunity to get yourself updated with the latest developments in the country in the domain of medical and wellness tourism. All you have to do is visit the website Kazakhstan.travel and you get all the updates handy.

There are surprise packages for you with all the goodness of traditional Kazak therapeutic procedures on offer like:
– Kumyss therapy.
– Mineral and other water treatments.
– Deer antler therapy

Panto therapy:

Woman hand finger pointing in direction of male genitalia

Maral is a large deer found in the Kazak steppes. Extracts from the Maral antlers is used for therapeutic treatment which is very effective. For this,Maral deer is commercially raised. The antlers contain biologically active chemicals which helps take care of many disorders like:
– Sexual dysfunction.
– Liver and kidney issues.
– Menopausal issues.
Deer antler concoctions are very popular among sportsmen for enhancing their physical potential.

Kazaksthan – Budding medical tourism destination:

arrangements for the medical trip

Kazakhstan is making commendable efforts to be at par with the world’s most developed countries offering top class medical services. Soon it would catch up with Thailand, India, CostaRica, and South Korea. To encourage medical tourism, there has been an extension of direct flight networks to the country.

Medical tourism has turned into a national priority with Kazakhstan showcasing the most resourceful healthcare products in Central Asia. To support the growth of healthcare industry, the government had introduced scholarship programs among students since past two decades.Meritorious students are funded abroad with a view to achieving the latest training in the field of medical science.

Kazaksthan, the country that saw most of outbound medical tourists is experiencing more inbound medical tourists with the rapid development of specialized treatments, unique to the country.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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