Growth of Medical Tourism in Mideast countries

Over the years, Mideast countries have become the hub of medical tourism. People from all over the world have been treating these countries as preferred destinations for availing affordable healthcare solutions and services. Due to rising costs of healthcare in many developed nations, patients are now focusing on Mideast countries, as these destinations are offering high-quality treatment along with specialized medical expertise. These nations also possess state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical facilities where high-end equipment and tools are used.


As regards the medical tourism industry, there are great opportunities in the Mideast region. Infrastructure is being developed at a rapid pace in order to attract more and more medical tourists. Patients are not kept waited at the healthcare facilities, and services are provided at much cheaper rates as compared to several developed nations. The environment in these countries is quite relaxing and helps patients heal up quickly. There are options to get involved in relaxing activities, while getting effective aftercare in luxurious settings.

Countries like Jordan and UAE have shown a good rise in the number of medical tourists. During the recent years, medical tourism has reached its new high in these Mideast countries. While Jordan has been attracting medical tourists through its excellent medical infrastructure and low-cost treatments, it is not the same case in UAE. Patients mostly visit UAE due to its relaxed international visa norms, luxurious vacation offers, and provisions for different types of self-enhancement surgical procedures. They even ignore the political instability in some of these countries and visit here for cost-effective treatments in improvised medical facilities.


When it comes to specialized hair loss treatment and hair transplant, people prefer to visit Turkey, which is another upcoming destination in terms of medical tourism. Turkey also offers great options for plastic surgery, breast implant, tummy tuck and dental procedures. Among these Mideast countries, Lebanon is one place that appeals more to people from Gulf. Lebanon provides highly effective options for plastic surgery and fertility treatments. Its freestanding facilities are famous for offering treatment using several advanced techniques.

Apart from the above destinations in the Mideast region, there is Cyprus offering quality healthcare services by highly skilled physicians. Patients specially come here for dental treatments and plastic surgeries. This country is also popular among those requiring fertility treatments, as its laws and regulations regarding fertility are quire relaxed. Thus, there are multiple options available in the Mideast countries that make them lucrative for medical tourists.

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