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Euro Events unravels 4th Annual Medical Tourism Conference taking place in Berlin 2018

4th Annual Medical Tourism Conference

The Global Medical Tourism sector is going to witness another great meet, the 4th Annual Medical Tourism Conference on 15th-16th February, 2018. The age old practice of travelling beyond the borders for medical assistance has been evolving in newer forms since last decade making medical tourism a booming industry.

Rapid advancements in healthcareRapid advancements in healthcare and most importantly easy accessibility of cross-border healthcare assistance at affordable price packages are opening up immense opportunities as well as newer challenges in this highly competitive market.

Market disruptors are fast changing the healthcare landscape forcing the stakeholders to conceive innovative models to maintain the desired standard of service quality and delivery.

International medical conferences hosted all over the world carry immense importance as they provide a strong information and knowledge sharing platform keeping the stakeholders abreast of latest trends and changes.

The upcoming 4th session of Berlin conference is expected to provide a far more enriching experience enabling the participants gain a better insight of the latest happenings in the market.

The Agenda: Get to understand the evolving trends in medical tourism

Dr Prem's Speech in CroatiaMedical tourism, the multibillion industry projected to grow by 25% annually in the next ten years is emerging with new trends with the shift in the customer preferences along with the rapid healthcare advancements.

Lesser known minimal invasive treatments enabling fast recuperation are catching the attention of global medical tourists. Disruptors are invading the market at such a speed that most of the providers and stakeholders are struggling in shifting gears. This educative knowledge sharing platform would help in identifying the new players in the market and proper assessment of the opportunities and challenges.

The venue is rightly set in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, a country well recognized in medical tourism in Europe. Treatment costs in Berlin are about a quarter of that available in the US. People of UK too gain an additional advantage to skip the tiring waiting times in NHS.

Berlin offers state-of-the-art medical facilities and English speaking staff enabling the patients a memorable experience in their combo venture of getting medical treatment and enjoying a great vacation.

Germany attracts a bulk of medical tourists from Russia, Middle East and other East European countries. The number of medical travelers from Netherlands, UK, Austria, USA and Israel visiting Berlin is also on the rise.

The Meet:

new strategiesThis gala medical tourism event in Europe will see a great gathering of eminent speakers, industry experts and influencers from tourism and healthcare sector. In the 2-day meet, these high-profile speakers are likely to play a lead role.

They willshare their experience-based opinions in accordance with the ongoing medical tourism trends pinpointing the pivotal areas that would drive the future growth. Hearing them is no doubt an enriching experience by itself.

The dynamic medical tourism market calls for new strategies and approaches to capitalize the opportunities successfully helping the destination achieve a respectable position to be favored by cross-border patients. Discussions in this conference will be highly enlightening for the medical tourism practitioners to enhance their capability in attracting a higher number of medical travelers.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi, the award winning speaker, influencer and an expert medical and wellness tourism consultant to talk about positioning in medical tourism:

Dr Prem Jagyasi Delivering speechAchieving a lead position is of immense significance for a destination to create a trusted brand image.  Dr. Prem Jagyasi, the recognized branding expert in this industry with a lot of success stories under his belt has been rightly assigned to share his creative ideas and expertise on this prestigious platform.

He will speak on implementing the best practices in committed leadership and management and the immense power of branding that ultimately offers an unforgettable patient experience, which matters most in medical tourism.

4th Annual Medical Tourism Conference – Not just another meet:

 impact-of-advanced-technologyWitnessing a grand success in the previous three meets, the upcoming 4th one is expected to unravelinnovative approaches not contemplated before. It promises to dig out the hidden potential of the immense impact of advanced technology on medical tourism.

Medical tourism is experiencing a fast shift of trends since past few years with the voluminous growth of health travelers. The message is clear to the stakeholders and organizations who need to adopt new approaches fast to be in the business.

Participants attending the previous sessions of this prestigious meet were provided an exceptional experience, which paved their way to success. The upcoming one would also be a unique of its kind where the attendees would gain knowledge based on in-depth industry analysis and practical solutions to address several challenges in the market.

Who should attend?

Health, wellness and spa resortsThis high-profile meet has everything for those associated with medical tourism industry.  Considering the long term benefits on offer, this conference is ideal for:

  • Healthcare organizations/institutions
  • Medical tourism companies
  • Travel and tourism facilitators
  • Insurance companies
  • Consultancy firms
  • Medical practitioners
  • Accreditation bodies
  • Health, wellness and spa resorts
  • Companies involved in marketing and branding.

4th Annual Medical Tourism ConferenceImage Source : euro-events.co

The conference will not only educate the professionals about the best practices in medical tourism but would also teach the mode of implementation to maintain a sustainable business model.There would be great opportunities for B2B networking to expand the clientele base through interactions with new vendors and industry experts.

The booming medical tourism is already showing its golden touch.The competition is on the rise as more and more destinations are joining the bandwagon. Therefore, participating in the upcoming conference becomes important for an enhanced business exposure.

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