Dubai shows the path of special insurance for postoperative complications

Medical tourism is on a global high and with it being on such a high, the prospective measures and implications of the industry increase. The legal aspects consistently develop and the ways to function also evolve each new day, in regards to the practices related to the medical tourism industry. Medical tourism industry does not limit just to the medical procedures and treatments for ailments, though it is the foundation, there are other measures as well that play a profound role in the functioning of the medical tourism industry world over.

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Insurance has always been a matter of concern when it comes to availing medical treatment abroad. There has always been confusion about insurance cover and costs that it covers. Most of the insurance packages cover the operative costs, travel costs and more, but do not cover the postoperative costs, which the patient has to bear if he suffers from postoperative illnesses.

Keeping this aspect in mind, and after understanding the pain of the patients when they go through postoperative hassles, Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, the acting head of Dubai Health Authority’s medical regulation, has disclosed about the initiative of offering a medical tourism insurance package that includes a cover for the postoperative illnesses.

Costs the insurance package will cover

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This special insurance package cover scheme has gained global appreciation because of its unbeatable concept. This insurance package will cover the complete cost of travel, in addition to stay and surgery costs. The postoperative coverage is for within three months of the first surgery. The package is designed keeping in mind that most postoperative complications occur in first three months of the surgery. Under this insurance cover, the patients will be able to avail visa for revisiting Dubai quite easily.

Building of trust in Dubai as a medical tourism destination

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Designing of such insurance packages has proved to be a measure that has the potentials to grow trust in Dubai as a medical tourism destination, on a very large scale. International patients are likely to feel more positive about being treated in Dubai, since the assurance of postoperative cover is big enough and serves as an enticing factor for choosing Dubai over other medical tourism destinations for availing treatments for medical ailments.

In accordance to the laws and clinical governance already practiced


The guidelines for this special type of insurance package are well within the laws and clinical governances already being practiced as per the legal constitution of the state. The designers of this package state that although most medical treatments do not have postoperative complications in most cases, yet for those few cases that require post op services, some incentive should be given. This cover will largely improve the position of Dubai in comparison to other medical tourism destinations around the world.

Effective collaboration between the local and international insurance providers

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The idea and concept of creating an insurance package that covers the postoperative costs in addition to other costs will only be a success provided the local and the international insurance service providers work in collaboration. This insurance cover has to be duly promoted by the insurance providers in order to make medical tourists choose Dubai over others for availing medical treatments. In today’s time Dubai is a medical destination that has more than 2,700 medical centers/clinics/hospitals and most of them have the international accreditation. Special Policy measures like these will surely promote the city worldwide, making it all the more popular medical tourism destination.


Dubai is a famous medical tourism destination with a major international patient influx. A special insurance package is designed to increase its popularity furthermore. This insurance package will cover not just the operative and travelling costs but also the postoperative costs for first three months of the surgery.

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