DHA offers cheaper medical tourism packages for a boost to medical tourism

The Dubai Heath Authority (DHA) has played it big again, to attract global eyeballs by pronouncing yet another measure to boost the medical tourism industry in Dubai. The medical tourism industry in Dubai is one the major industries of the state and contributes a very large portion towards the country’s gross domestic product.

cheaper Healthcare System

Therefore, it is very important for the country that its medical tourism industry keeps flourishing all through the year. This is the reason why the Dubai Health Authority has to develop newer policies and incentives to keep attracting the international medical tourists from world over for effective and smooth functioning of the economy. Recently, one such measure of providing cheap medical tourism packages is propagated, in order to provide a boost to the medical tourism industry in Dubai.

To fight the rising competition


DHA very clearly understands that the medical tourism industry is a flourishing source of income not just for the gulf regions but also for other developing nations. Most of the nations today are striving hard to become preferable medical tourism destinations over others. For this, they are readily adopting newer and sophisticated technologies and promoting themselves on large scales.

This has posed a competition to Dubai as a medical tourism destination. With the availability of a number a medical tourism destinations to choose from, it is needed that the focus be kept on Dubai. In order to combat this threat, the Dubai Health Authority has offered cheaper medical tourism packages at 10 to 20 percent lesser rates in comparison to other medical tourism destinations.

The idea behind offering these cheap packages is to provide an instant boost to the medical tourism industry in Dubai, which had been on a recent low because of the increased global competition in the industry.

Packages available in three sectors

healthcare centre

The DHA has currently introduced these cheap medical tourism packages in three healthcare areas namely wellness, fertility and Lasik. These packages offer very attractive prices. These packages can be availed by both the residents, who are a part of the domestic medical tourism initiative and international visitors, who largely contribute in the functioning of the medical tourism industry of the Gulf regions. These packages function for all primary healthcare centers throughout the nation.

The senior citizen package

senior citizen treatment

The DHA offers a medical tourism package in the name of senior citizen package. This special package consists of various tests such as lipid profile, liver profile, and more, specially designed keeping in mind the general health state of the senior citizens. This package is also inclusive of a number of vaccinations like hepatitis and influenza.

The fertility package


The fertility package for medical tourism by Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC) also has tremendous potential to attract medical tourists. The DGFC is being praised worldwide for designing one of the most cost effective packages. The salient features of this package are the free consultations and ultrasound visits. DGFC is a medical centre with a lot of international patient footfall and this fertility package will prove to be highly beneficial for such international patients.

The Lasik package


Another major package being offered under cheap medical packages program is that of Lasik (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery. This package is inclusive of all pre operative assessments and tests, in addition to the main surgery, and is offered by DHA run Dubai hospital. Dubai is a popular destination for Lasik, and such a package will provide a further boost to it.


Dubai is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations, but due to increased competition, the DHA is working on measures, to improve its popularity. DHA is offering cheap medical packages to increase the patient influx to Dubai, for smooth functioning of the economy.

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