Countries are trying to attract medical tourists in bulk

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Medical tourism is a prospering industry but it is still a new one and does not have a rigid definition. There is still place and opportunities for experimentations. Many countries are offering great medical facilities at affordable prices along with other attractive services. Medical facilities are not easily available in all countries. In some countries, there is an acute lack of doctors and hospitals. In such countries, the government is spending huge sums for sending the citizens to another country for getting the essential medical treatments.


According to the survey reports of World Health Organization, Nigeria only has four physicians for every ten thousand people. Countries like Nigeria are sending their patients in bulk to other countries. Not any individual but the governments of countries are taking initiative to send their citizens to other countries as medical tourists. Such a trend has created immense opportunity for business and the expansion of the medical tourism industry.

Close proximity or distance and making agreements are two ways through which a country can get another country send their patients in bulk to them for medical tourism. Countries where medical facilities are easily available are vying for the attention of other countries that are ready to export patients. They are making agreements or else gaining profit from advantageous geographical position. Countries like Jordan with a great medical infrastructure are trying to gain the attention of other countries like Nigeria for improving the state of their medical tourism industry.


Every year Nigeria and other countries like it spend billions of dollars on sending their patients to medical tourism destinations. They have started to realize the need and importance of building a better medical infrastructure inside their own country. Despite of the attempts of improving internal medical facilities there will always be a gaping gap between the demand and supply of medical facilities.

As a result, the trend of bulk medical tourism will continue and increase in proportion. Jordan is planning to sign some bonds of agreement with Nigeria so that the government recommends them to the patients. Political harmony between to countries and the relation between their governments will also have a key role to play in the matters of bulk medical tourism. 


The trend of bulk medical tourism has opened new doors of opportunities for many countries. Countries are enhancing their medical infrastructure to provide proper treatments to huge number of patients.

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