Cost of travel expenses when budgeting for medical tourism

Travelling to the destination usually ends up being a large expenditure on a medical tourist’s budget. If you are making the travel arrangements without a facilitator, you will either have to utilize the services of a travel agent or book the flight online. If going through a travel agent, remember that agency fees are additional. By planning ahead and conducting thorough research, you may be able to find a good deal on air travel (this also depends on where in the world you are travelling to).

However, it is crucial to remember that you are travelling as a patient, so comfort should be essential here. Buy a flexible ticket where possible (even if it is more expensive) in case complications arise and you need to extend your trip. Also, think about purchasing a business class ticket if you are travelling for surgeries that require a roomier seat (knee or hip replacements). Since travelling can even cause discomfort for individuals who do not have a medical condition, it is important that patients travelling for medical care spend a little more money and are able to be comfortable during the journey.  

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