Comprehensive Medical Tourism Website Launched by India Government to Promote Medical Tourism in the Country

India is becoming a much sought after medical tourism destination by millions of medical travelers from around the world. Offering world class treatments at highly competitive prices, the country is all set to become one among the top medical tourism destinations in the world within the next few years. This fact can be cemented by the inauguration of the country’s very own official medical tourism website by the Indian government.

Appropriate medical information system is essential to attract medical travelers. A website is the first point of contact of medical tourists. Therefore, it has immense significance in positioning a destination in the global map. A well-developed government supported medical tourism website not only facilitates attracting medical travelers but also helps in building trust and reliance.

Website – the most trusted information gateway:

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Given India’s attractiveness as a prime medical tourism destination, it has been a timely step to launch the comprehensive website with all necessary information and guidance to prospective medical travelers. Bangladesh, Iraq, Maldives, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, Oman, Uzbekistan, Yemen and United Republic of China are the top 10 source countries contributing to Indian medical tourism sector from 2015-17.

While medical tourists from Bangladesh, Iraq and Oman are rising over few years, there has been a decline in patients from African and CIS countries. This is however compensated by medical travelers from the GCC region.

Globalization of healthcare and availability of information will cause a shift in medical travelers’ preference. To hold back the attention of medical travelers, a website should serve as an important gateway enabling smooth information-exchange between the patient and providers of the destination.

Government Initiative Much Welcomed

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Many believe that this initiative by the Indian government could help India tap into the growing medical tourism industry. They also believe that by doing so, the country could enjoy its own host of benefits, including emulating the success of several of its other strongholds, including IT and ITEs.

Developed by the Department of Commerce and the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) along with ample support from the government, the new healthcare portal aims to provide the best solution for all those in need of a one point source for searching authentic as well as dynamic information of the country’s myriad medical tourism services. The site could be a boon for potential medical tourists from around the world scouting for the best destinations for their medical treatments.

A Comprehensive One Point Information Site

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The new medical tourism website aims to be a comprehensive site that provides information about all the necessary medical tourism services, providers and facilities available in India. It extensively covers over 124 accredited medical facilities across the country, including 93 centers dealing with medical services, 30 centers dealing in Ayurveda and Wellness therapies and even 1 center dealing with special category medical services. Over 74 of the facilities that were initially added to the site can be found in Tier I cities while the others are located in Tier II cities. This list of facilities and providers is only slated to grow further as the site expands to include all major towns and cities in the country.

The new healthcare portal also features an entire sector dedicated to describing the details of the various medical services offered by the facilities in the country. These include details related to treatment costs, travel considerations, visa formalities and tariff options, etc. The site also features a section that aims to address other common details often checked out by medical tourists when choosing a destination for treatment. These include the various benefits of getting treated in India as well as advance information on all the preparatory aspects individuals will need to know when seeking medical care in the country.

Salient Features of the Medical Tourism Site

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The new medical tourism website launched by the Indian government has quite a few links dedicated to the medical tourism services offered by the country. For instance, there is a separate link that takes one towards the various treatments offered several areas of medicine in the country. These include treatments relating to nephrology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, allergy, chest, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dental care, diabetes, gastroenterology, liver, geriatric care, general surgery, mental health, nenatology, and reproductive medicine, etc.

There is also a separate section dedicated to the medical providers who are active throughout the country. The medical providers are categorized based on the services they offer in the areas of medical treatment, wellness and rejuvenation therapies and Ayurveda and alternate treatments. This is a great asset to those who wish to combine their medical treatments with wellness therapies within the same country.

The new website also features a short film that presents the wider aspect of medical tourism and how the competitive rates of the world class treatment facilities in India are nearly ¼ of major world economies as well as 1/10 of matured markets. As such, many believe that the new website sends out the right message to medical tourists around the world on choosing India for their treatments.


The Indian government has launched a new medical tourism website that aims to be a one stop destination for all medical tourists seeking out treatments in the country. The website offers comprehensive information of all details pertaining to medical travel in the country and can push India’s medical tourism market to the next level altogether.

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