Asia’s top Medical Tourism destinations for hair transplant

Many people lose their hair at an early age due to a variety of internal or external factors. Such people suffering from hair loss would want to get new hair transplanted. However, the problem they face is of finding a good destination where hair transplant procedure can be done easily and effectively. Various people wish to take up medical tourism, as they do not receive an effective hair loss treatment within their home countries. In addition, the process of hair transplant costs them a lot within their nations and that is why they wish to travel overseas.


If you are also looking for a medical travel destination in Asia where hair transplant surgery can be had in an effective manner, then check out the following places that give top priority to healthcare.


China’s specialized hair transplant therapy includes the resurfacing of scalp that is without hair. Attaches related to balding scalp are removed before lock grafting is done on the bald scalp. This is done using plugs that may contain any desired volume of hair. You can also get curly hair transplanted. There might be a requirement of doing different sessions for a series of transplants to take place.


This place is also a good choice if you wish to get locks transplanted. It is a quite secure procedure requiring minimum operation. While your transplanted hair might seem to be in excess to the actual hair you have, it is only in the beginning that you see the difference. You might see them getting shed or remaining inactive, but they start growing after a period of time. The modern facilities in Thailand are well equipped to handle your hair’s dropping or thinning.



In Singapore, the hair transplant procedure is done through the resurfacing of those regions of one’s scalp where there are no tresses or frizzy hair. The bald portion of the scalp is then filled with numerous hair roots after carefully removing any connects. This process is called tress grafting or tress implant.


This destination also offers some high-quality hair transplant services to you. The treatment provided here majorly focuses on covering your scalp’s bald region and sealing in the curly hair present on some portions of your scalp. Every minute detail is taken into consideration while working on your scalp.

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