What You Need To Know About In Sex Change Surgery In India 

There are so many transgender people walking among us that we hardly realize. These are physically and emotionally dissatisfied human beings having their souls trapped inside a wrong body. They have a sex defined by their physical structure which they hate to carry. At times, self disgust reaches a point that they feel like committing suicide.

This may sound a little weird but those who go through this mental turmoil can realize how frustrating it feels to have a wrong social identity just because the spirit is residing in a body which it loathes so much.
However, there are many clinics all over the world that come forward to resolve this issue through surgery and India ranks as one of the top destinations for sex change surgery.
Every year the number of transgender customers visiting India seeking sex change is swelling. The figure is climbing at a furious pace as previously Indian clinics used to handle five to ten sex change surgery cases a year which have recently turned into twenty transgender customers lying down on the surgical table.

 Why India?

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The chief factor for India’s rising popularity as a much sought after destination for sex change surgery is the low-priced packages. At the same time, the quality of service delivered is way too good.It takes about five times the money what you pay in India to have a sex change operation in a clinic in the US and the other affluent European nations for that matter.

The Indian surgeons have innovated techniques for successful achievement of sex alteration surgeries besides the waiting time in Indian clinics is much lesser.

With the visa formalities been rationalized and made simpler and the clinic infrastructure being upgraded India is poised to beat its other Asian competitor, Thailand where the surgical expenses are a little costlier.

Other factors on which India certainly has an edge over other countries are as follows:
– The Indian sex reassignment clinics are set in world class luxury and comfort.

-Clinics are equipped with the latest medical gadgets and surgical equipments which are subject to close monitoring and upkeep regarding their operational efficiency.
– The Indian sex change surgeons are perhaps one of the best in the world brought under a talent pool. They have years of international experience handling more than 1000 patients. Most of them are qualified from famed universities of the US and UK.

The treatment and technology

Remove your facial hair

The treatment initiates with Hormone Replacement Therapy that customizes secondary sexual characteristics to bring a change to primary alterations like permanent elimination of facial hair in case of a male willing to become a female.
The sex reassignment involves surgical and medical procedures to bring to agreement intersex and transsexual patient’s physical looks and genital make up with their gender specification.
Surgical procedures would involve removal of the existing reproductive organs altogether. It is a major operation done with full anesthesia.
Sex reassignment surgery is also termed as vaginoplasty and phalloplasty. Hormone replacement therapy, an allied treatment procedure for sex change administered helps developing secondary sexual characteristics the patient desires but it doesn’t necessarily suppress or reverse the primary sexual characteristics.
For males who desire to become females chest reconstruction or mastectomy is available where nipple grafting is done to offer them a voluptuous pair of breasts.

Best sex change treatments available in India:

Gender symbols

Sex reassignment treatments in India involve several surgical and hormone replacement procedures among which the best are being brought to light over here:

Hysterectomy and bilateral salphingooophorectomy:

While the former involves removal of uterus the later does a complete elimination of ovaries and the fallopian tubes.
The clinical infrastructure for the above two sex change procedures is too good in India with a team of qualified surgeons and dedicated supporting hands to back it up.

Genital reassignment

Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

This is a surgical procedure where the clitoris is enlarged by androgenic hormones or free tissue grafting, taking tissues from other parts of the body or installation of erectile prosthetic phallus known as phalloplasty.The urethra is realigned through the phallus to help urinating.
The vulvas are united to configure a scrotum to which synthetic testicles can be inserted. Indian clinics incidentally are great at genital reassignment and give the best treatment comparable to international standard.

Best and reputable hospitals in India:

There are several reputable hospitals in India that have set a benchmark for gender alteration surgeries on the global basis. This is however not an exhaustive list and here we go:
1. Apollo hospital, Ahmedabad.
2. Apollo hospital, Chennai.
3. Columbia Asia, Mysore.
4 Columbia Asia, Pune.
5 Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad.
6. Columbia Asia, Kolkata.
7. Columbia Asia, Whitefield Bangalore
8. Columbia Asia, Yeswanthpur, Bangalore.
9. Global Hospital, Bengaluru.
10. Global Hospitals, Chennai.
11. Global Hospitals, LB Nagar, Hyderabad.
12. Narayana Health RTIICS,Kolkata.
13. Global Hospitals, Lakdi Ka Pool, Hyderabad.
14. Narayana Hospitals,Bangalore.
15. Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Chennai

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