6 Countries that are at the leading edge of medical tourism

Medical tourism has taken over the world and how! The now billion dollar industry is slated to grow even further as more and more individuals opt for medical treatments in foreign destinations, citing reasons like low costs, minimal waiting period, access to new medications/treatments and exotic holidays, etc. for the same purpose.

Several countries around the world have also opened their doors to these tourists, offering them the best of medical and healthcare facilities at the most affordable costs. Accordingly, here are the top 6 destinations around the world that have proved their mettle as the best medical tourism destinations in the industry.


Singapore holds the distinction of being one of the freest economies in the world. The country has carved a niche for itself in the medical tourism industry as being one of the most sought after destinations for a wide range of high quality, affordable medical services. Singapore’s health care system is also ranked the best in the world by the WHO, with many hospitals and medical facilities boasting of international accreditations and tie ups with world renowned healthcare firms.

Although certain medical procedures can turn out to be expensive, there is no doubting the quality of care received at the hospitals. That’s what makes Singapore the place to visit for those who prefer surgical treatments in a developed country.


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Closer to the U.S., Brazil is the number one destination for cosmetic surgeries and treatments, including gender transformation surgery. The country has more cosmetic surgeons that any other country in the world, with most of these doctors world renowned for their skill and expertise in the field.

While the medical tourism industry took its time to develop in Brazil, the country is now home to more than 40 JCI accredited hospitals that speak volumes about the efficiency of service. Coupled with low costs that run as low as 60% when compared to the U.S. and UK, Brazil is definitely one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.


Team Of Experts Doctors Examining X-ray Report In Hospital

India has one of the most developed healthcare systems in the world, boasting of internationally trained and accredited surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical staff. The country is also home to two of the best medical tourism hospitals in the world.

Medical tourists visiting India stand to enjoy the benefits of opting for high end surgeries for the least cost when compared to other medical tourism destinations. Procedures like bone marrow transplant, hip surgery, joint replacement, cardiac bypass and eye surgery are regularly performed in hospitals that welcome at least 100000 medical tourists every year. The cost for these procedures would also be just a tenth of what they would cost in the U.S.


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Thailand’s medical tourism industry experiences an astounding growth of 16% every year thanks to its exemplary medical and health care services. The medical system of Thailand is world renowned for offering a wide range of medical treatments at the most affordable prices in the region. The country is pioneer of sorts in providing inexpensive plastic surgery and several non-elective procedures. Prices usually reduce by 80% when compared to the U.S. and UK, with the costs usually including the travel and accommodation charges.


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A lot of Americans who don’t prefer traveling long distances for medical treatment opt for Mexico as the next best alternative. It is this close proximity to the U.S. that allows Mexico to enjoy a steady stream of medical tourists every year. But that is not the sole reason people prefer the country. Mexico has carved a niche for itself as a premier destination for dental and weight loss treatments/surgery. There are several world class facilities that offer weight management programs at nearly one third of the costs the same programs would cost back in the U.S.


Patient undergoing LASIK surgery

Turkey enjoys a prime position between Europe and Asia, thus making it a lucrative medical tourism destination for individuals from both the eastern and western worlds. The country is world renowned for its radical and yet, affordable eye treatments, including laser surgery for vision correctness which would cost only 750 euros for the treatment and three nights hospital stay. Most of the hospitals in the country are JCI accredited and welcome at least 30000 medical tourists annually.

A lot of countries around the world have started welcoming medical tourists to their shores. Achieving the perfect balance between high quality, affordability and exotic locales, these countries are definitely the best medical tourist destinations in the entire world.

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