Things to keep in mind for your office romance

Love and dating can begin from virtually anywhere. In some cases, you could start a relationship and date someone from your office. Please not this is different from working in the same office as your husband or wife. Dating someone from the office means that you start a relationship with a fellow member of staff, whether junior or senior. It also means being in a relationship with someone working within the same building or office block. What are the rules of office dating?

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The boss is off limits

Do not make the mistake of dating the boss or some you report directly to or vice versa. Most companies have policies, which may require you to reveal your relationship. You certainly do not want to be caught in a situation where you are involved with the boss and people find out. In some cases, there may be leniency with such affair. However, you do not want go get caught in a power struggle wrangle. In addition, it would be very embarrassing to be entangled in allegations of favorable treatment. It is best to avoid such situations.

Work when you are at work

Remaining productive is a big challenge for those who engage in office romances. Your mind is pre-occupied. This greatly diminishes your performance viz. your productivity. You need to maintain your performance before the commencement of the romance. Avoid situations that could expose you to poor performance and comments from superior and juniors. It is important to stay at your workstation and do your work well. You will have plenty of time to see your special someone after work.

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Be impartial

Giving special treatment to that special man or woman is leading them to disaster. Do not do anything special or favors that are work related. This will quickly turn your colleagues against you. Some colleagues are very sensitive to favoritism and this may not sit well with many. Do not defend your significant other to the boss and other situations where they may be on the wrong. Let your significant other carry their cross and be answerable for themselves at all times, unless a situation gets out of hand and you need to step in as a voice of reason.

Do not use the work computer for other business

On the corporate email system, do not send any emails that are not work related/ your employer is able to see all the emails sent and it certainly would be a shame to have your boos discover your escapades. Ensure that you keep things professional.

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