The 7 Day Gratefulness Challenge To Become Happier in 7 Moments

Yes, you read the title correctly. This isn’t a click bait. This is a truth you always turned your back to. Because the illusion you were looking at was more glittery. But here’s the thing. Being happy is no rocket science. Being happy doesn’t mean that you smile 24*7. Happiness is not a show you can put up in front of the world. If your idea of happiness takes shape from external surroundings, that idea is at best momentary (and so is the resulting happiness). Happiness, peace, joy, gratitude – all of these cannot take birth, survive or thrive outside of you. If this inner calmness is what you are looking for, you are reading the right article. You are just 7 days, 7 moments away from happiness. Read this piece to know how you can become happier in 7 moments.

The Art of The 7 Day Happiness Challenge

Scientific research says that it will take you (on average) 21 days to form a new habit. Or get rid of an old one. However, most of us cannot pursue our New Years’ Resolution after the first week of January.

If so, then why not start small? Hence, the 7 day gratefulness challenge instead of the usual 21 day one.

The best part about the 7 day gratefulness challenge is that you don’t have to look hard to seek your happy moments. One moment a day – that’s how this works. This moment can be anything.

Be it that one minute in which your loved one told you how proud you make him/her. Or how this small adorable kitten on the street didn’t hesitate to come near you after days and days of persuasion.

Imagine how happy you will feel. Imagine what will happen when you will keep a record of all these moments and one day, happen to scour through all of them at once?

Day 1, Moment 1: Nostalgia


You can start scrolling through your weekly guide to happiness at home. Remember how you felt when, as a child, you had your favorite pair of dress? Or how you loved a particular watch? Or how you relished a dish your parent cooked for you? Relive one of those moments.

Most of us still have that pair of clothes or that silly cartoonish watch, stored in the deep recesses of the house. Look for them. Find them. Hold them in your hand, or close to the chest. Feel its fabric, or its fragrance, or recollect one fond memory associated with it.

If nothing works out, ask your mom or dad to cook that dish you absolutely loved as a child. And maybe you used to sing a song together in kitchen while cooking. Sing that song once more. Dance to the rhythm of this memory.

You are now only 6 moments away from becoming a happier version of yourself.

Day 2, Moment 2:Concern

 extend a helping hand

Science and spirituality both claim that after nostalgia, care is the second biggest factor that contributes to happiness. So why not show some care to someone who needs it the most?

To be happy, you will need to feel worthy. And any outside factor cannot determine your worth. So where do you go in its search?

Little acts of kindness mean a lot in a world like ours. When you see someone struggling with a physical baggage or an emotional one, extend a helping hand. It only takes a moment.

Wiping someone’s tears with a tissue might sound like a cheesy thing to do. But once you have been there and done that, you will feel its impact on your well-being as well.

Be bringing peace to someone around, you are gifting some of that peace to yourself as well. After all, they don’t say ‘happiness multiplies when shared’ in vain.

Day 3, Moment 3: Dreams

Moment 3 Dreams

Most of us dream when we are asleep. But how many of us dream with open eyes? We are so caught up in this ever-entangling web of materialistic existence that we forget – there is life beyond what we can touch.

Take a moment on the third day, sit down, relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and ask yourself: What makes you happy? What makes you feel authentic? What makes you feel ‘you’? Have you achieved that? If not, dream about it and go after it.

A lot of people confuse dreams with ambition. Being a CEO of a multinational company might make you feel successful or powerful. But gazing at the stars at night, lying beside your spouse and kids might be something that makes you feel at home.

So, you might dream about board meetings and business awards while you sleep. But if you do not spend a moment in your waking life, imagining what it is like to name the constellations in the sky and make wishes at the shooting stars, how will you get an inkling of inner peace?

Day 4, Moment 4: Challenge

Moment 4 Challenge

Yes, you are most happy when you feel at home. But happiness is incomplete if it is not a product of personal growth and development. Don’t stay caught up in your bubble if you want a sound sleep at night. Challenge yourself.

The challenge which you throw at yourself is subjective. For some people, conquering the scales of Mount Everest is a challenge. For some, even expressing their true emotions is an unsurmountable task. For a lot of us, it is the final push of confidence building that helps us to leap into the deep abyss of peace and happiness.

No matter how big your fear is. No matter how small your hope appears to be. Just outdo yourself for one single moment on the fourth day.

Go on that stage and speak a few words. Talk to your seemingly unfriendly neighbor. Try to sleep without the lights on. Do whatever it takes. Just step out of your comfort zone. Happiness is waiting right outside.

Day 5, Moment 5: Honesty

Honesty trumps everything

Honesty trumps everything. If you are not honest, you are not happy. The moment you embrace honesty, you will be happier. So, on day 5, begin by being honest – not only with others, but also with yourself.

If you are placing yourself under too much pressure, it is time to redeem yourself. If you feel that you are surrounded with energy vampires, be honest about it and cut off the toxic ties.

Yes, you might lose contact with your ‘friends’ and ‘family members’ in the process. But hang there for a little longer, and you will see how peace and happiness makes its way towards you.

Be honest about what makes you stand out in the crowd. Be honest about your limitations. And most importantly, be honest about what can be done to eliminate or enhance them. You will automatically feel lighter and become happier in 7 moments.

Day 6, Moment 6: Hope

Keep hoping

Keep hoping. Take a moment on day 6 and find a reason to hope. You might have faced numerous difficulties in your life till this point. But you are still here.

Examine – What did these terrible moments bring to you at the end of the day? Where did you land because of all the obstacles you overcame? You are here because you did not lose hope. And if you have hope, you cannot be deprived of happiness.

So if at any point of the day, you feel down and low- just remember to hope for a better moment. Keep going regardless of what life throws at you. Once you are through it, you will be more grateful than ever before.

Day 7, Moment 7: Realization


Real happiness begins the moment you realize it is not in the physical things around you. Real happiness begins within you. You are the one in charge of making yourself happier in life. This is the key to become happier in 7 moments.

Also, this 7 day gratefulness challenge isn’t a magic tablet. The idea is to experience or create a moment each day where you are your true self – without any restrictions, inhibitions or limitations imposed upon you by the world around you.

So start the 7 day gratefulness challenge. Begin with asking yourself what makes you happy. Pursue that. Week after week. Months after months. Years after years. For a lifetime. But remember, it’s still all in the moments.

Dr Prem Jagyasi (c)

Dr Prem is an award winning strategic leader, renowned author, publisher and highly acclaimed global speaker. Aside from publishing a bevy of life improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers across the globe. Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert training and consultancy services to more than 150 international organizations. He also owns and leads a web services and technology business, supervised and managed by his eminent team. Dr Prem further takes great delight in travel photography.

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