Prevent Facebook drama during a breakup

Internet may have many pros and cons, and one of the negatives is that it gives people the opportunity to humiliate others. Facebook, to be specific is one of the main platforms for the people to pass out any negative comment they’d like to pass, something they won’t say face to face. When going through a breakup, one of the major problems that many people have to face is the Facebook drama. So let’s look at some of the things you can do to avoid the Facebook drama during a breakup.

Change your privacy settings

Change your privacy settings

This is the first and the foremost thing you should do during a breakup. Private your wall from your ex or better yet block them. It won’t be easy but it’s worth it. This way you might stop peeping into his profile every now and then. The ex’s status updates will haunt and irritate you during the first few days or months of breakup so it is best to just block them.

Balance out your emotions

It is likely that you will feel very emotional, very tensed and very upset after a breakup especially if you thought that he was the one, the one you were planning on to spend your rest of your life with. What you need to do is, balance out your emotions. Do not upload sentimental or cursing statuses, this might give people a chance to talk about your breakup. If you want to talk about it to your friend, do it face to face.

If you want to do it on Facebook then don’t start a wall to wall conversation. Bring up your stressful breakup conversation on a chat. Do not make it public. If you think your ex or someone else is creating a drama out of all this, unfriend them immediately. You do not need someone telling you who you are and what are you doing wrong. You know about yourself more than anyone else on this planet does.

Cute girl reading a book

Avoid Facebook

Try to minimize the usage of Facebook. I’m sure you can live without it for a few days or weeks. Occupy yourself in other activities like painting or reading. If possible, deactivate your Facebook account for a few days. This would help you to get over your ex in a shorter period of time and you will be back to enjoying your life in no time.

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