How to deal with mental abuse

Mental abuse is one of the most ghastly form of torture, which, unfortunately, does not leave any physical tell-tale signs, and therefore very difficult to prove in the court of law. The victim is left totally shattered and mentally drained by perpetual emotional onslaught, sometimes, eventually driving him or her to brink of suicide. If you are a victim of mental abuse, you can follow the following tips to counter emotional abuse.

Be assertive

This is one of the first steps to keep your offender at bay. If you are a victim of mental abuse, it goes without saying that you are not an assertive or an authoritative person. You will have to develop that attitude in you if you wish to even slightly ensure your ‘safety’. Be assertive and learn to say no. Have the courage to lay down rules in your relationship. Rules that henceforth all the communication and interactions will be held in dignified manner – no character assassination, no shouting, no foul language, no raising hand to hit etc. Make clear that any misbehavior or flouting of rules will result in separation. Do not expect over night results, on the contrary expect a backlash, and be prepared to withstand it.

Be expressive

This is very very imperative when a relationship is going through an ‘abusive’ phase, and the abuse is crossing its limits. You need to learn how to express your feelings, your thinking and your expectations from your partner. Instead of taking everything lying down, learn how to express your anger in a controlled manner so that your partner gets the message that enough is enough. This will help draw boundaries of behavior, and might make your partner think twice before indulging in any disrespectful behavior with you. If you can’t convey your feelings to your partner, turn to your social circle where you are more likely to be heard and understood. You may vent your frustration in front of friends, family members or colleagues, and thus relieve yourself of some stress.

Talk to a counselor

Do not hesitate in talking to a professional who is an expert in such cases. Taking a professional medic’s help does not mean you have made your personal problem a public affair. On the contrary, you may chance upon certain ideas you may have never thought of, to bridge the gap between you and your partner. Keep an open mind and discuss freely your feelings, opinions, expectations and willingness to contribute, to reconcile the relationship, which may be going from bad to worse. Remember, there is light at end of the tunnel.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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