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Love Romance Guide presented by Dr Prem tackle all questions and problems realted to love and romance . Read everything about love here.

man cheating online

How to deal with cheaters

Life is complicated, and it gets further thorny when one faces a betrayal. Every human being wants to depend and trust on someone. But, trusting someone becomes a big fault, when that someone ends up cheating on you. And, though it is quite tough, it is n

Slander or defamation of character

How to deal with slander

Slander or defamation of character through spoken statement, which affects the reputation of an individual, is a serious issue to be dealt with. Rather than criminal liability, it carries civil liability. You can follow several steps to deal with slander:

he has a baby mama

How to deal with baby mama drama

Did you think your man to be the greatest in the world, when suddenly realizing one day that you were falling for a wrong person? Can your man no more handle the job of changing the diapers and partying at the same time?? If so, check yourself before you

difference between love, infatuation and lust

How to deal with infatuation

Infatuations have the ability to bring our lives to standstill and make us emotionally unstable. The following are a few ways by which we can overcome it.

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