How to effectively overcome love obsession after a breakup

Certain individuals tend to become obsessive about their partners, lovers or crushes. They start daydreaming about the other person, start becoming more dependent on him/her, start fantasizing about leading a life with him/her and even start stalking him/her. Most of the times, these individuals exhibit such behavior in order to fulfill their emotional needs. So if you think you might belong to this group of individuals and be obsessed about someone, then here are some tips to help you overcome that obsession.

Love Obsession

Step 1: The first thing you would need to get rid of that person’s thoughts from your head would be throw away his/her pictures for good. This would prevent your mind from attaching emotionally to any kind of memorabilia associated with that person. While you are at it, you may also consider ditching his/her letters, gifts and everything you ever received from him/her.

Step 2: Stop following him/her on Twitter, Facebook and all other social networking sites. Staring at their photos, checking their status updates and checking every other post they are tagged in would only increase your obsession. Stop calling and texting him/her repeatedly and divert your mind to focus on something else. With time, you would be able to overcome this obsession.

Step 3: Sit down and think about your behavior on rational grounds. Does fantasizing or day dreaming about him/her overtake all the other priorities in your life? Although a little bit of fantasizing is ok, it can become a problem if your thoughts about him/her start interfering with your actions. And that is when you need to put a full stop to things.

Step 4: Distract your mind from thinking about him/her. Rather, try to focus on other things that you find interesting. It may be a book you love to read or a movie you love to watch. Just do something at that moment to distract your mind from thinking about him/her. This would help you to control yourself as and when the obsessive thoughts start creeping in.

Step 5: If you are obsessive, chances are you may be dedicating too much time to the other person than taking care of yourself. This would eventually lower your self-esteem. So take some time off to think about yourself and focus on increasing your self-esteem first. Take good care of yourself. Eat properly, exercise right and get enough sleep to look and feel better. Do these things, thinking that the other person would tend to notice you more this way. Eventually you would learn to love yourself more, and come to realize that his/her feelings just don’t count.

Step 6: Your last resort to dealing with this obsession in love is to see a therapist who would recommend the next course of action for you. A therapist would be the best person to give you a proper insight on how to handle your obsession effectively.

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