how to deal with pickpockets abroad

If you want to enjoy your vacation at the fullest make sure that you take special precautions when you are travelling abroad. If you are cautious then no one can steal from you. Pick pocketing is a common phenomenon amidst the tourists. Every country has thieves so you do not know when you are getting robbed. The best way to avoid this situation is be alerts while enjoying your holiday. Make sure that you do not carry any valuables in the pocket. Keep them at a safe place where it is safer. The first rule is never carrying those things in your wallet that you are not willing to lose. Only keep whatever is important. Keep a single debit or credit card but do not carry all the cards at the same time because if your wallet gets robbed then you will have no card as a backup. Carry less cash and try to use the cards more often. Keep checking y our pockets at regular intervals so that no one can take advantage of you.


Items like passport and social security card must be kept at a safe place. If not necessary, do not carry them around. Make a copy of the important documents so that you do not have to carry the original ones. Try to get a copy of all the important documents in your wallet so that you have a backup in case you lose your wallet. With the help of the required documents, you can cancel your credit and debit cards quickly. Places like tourist destinations are more prone to pick pocketing as compared to other places. Thieves and pick pockets work actively in these areas to take advantage of the tourist. Never engage in any type of conversation with an unknown person. Places like train and metro stations are filled with pick pockets and they come in act at the time of rush. So make sure that you hold on to your pocket during the rush. If possible carry the wallet in some place safer where you can see it. Avoid carrying unnecessary valuable like gold with you. Keep them safe in your hotel locker so you can enjoy your holiday at the fullest. You can also use the money belt for keeping your valuables safe. But do make sure that no one is aware that you are wearing a money belt. It is the best way to shop with a complete peace of mind.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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