How to get on the same page regarding sex with your partner

It is somewhat essential for the couples to have sexual compatibility but a few couples fail to achieve it in their relation, as they feel they are on the same page. It is as if the varying sex needs bring in a kind of conflict between the partners. They literally struggle with the issue of sexual compatibility. Although there is no perfect definition of sexual compatibility but it is a situation in which you share common sexual interests and beliefs with your partner.

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Wide assortments of factors influence sexual compatibility between partners. The most prominent factor is the mismatched sex drives, means one partner desires frequent sex while the other wants it after some break. Yet another factor is the type of sexual activity one likes to be engaged in. Sexual appetites tend to vary and it causes conflicts in the lives of couples. Your perception also exerts a great influence on sexual appetite, like why do you indulge in sex, for fun, for a contact, for a release, or to fight loneliness?

All these factors influence sexual compatibility and couples need to maintain certain level of compatibility that is required for a healthy relationship. Otherwise, there have been many cases, wherein couples fell apart due to the sexual incompatibility between them. But there is not to worry much, as you can actually put in efforts and improve your sexual compatibility. You need to analyze the level of your present compatibility and then to think for certain ways to improve it. Following are the points that you must consider while examining your sexual compatibility with your partner:

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Consider the extent of differences

No two individuals can be same, they cannot have similar habits and behaviors, and sexual appetite is no exception. Having some differences in sexual habits is absolutely fine, the problem only sets in when these differences take a big form. Therefore, it is always better to talk openly with your partner on these issues and keep yourself open to changes, which you should adopt to improve sexual compatibility.

Suppose you love having sex twice a day and you love experimenting with new poses and techniques, whereas your partner has a low sex drive and is satisfied with once a week thing, and has no interest in making a make-out more interesting. In such a situation, the best option is to adopt an acceptable approach; both the partners should try to control their drives and should try their best to match up to their partner’s sexual behavior. Find the middle ground, a solution best suited to the interests of both parties.

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How flexible are you willing to be

It is of paramount importance for both the partners to have a flexible attitude towards each other’s sexual behavior. If you are not willing to accept your partner’s pattern of sexual drives and behavior then you can never improve the sexual compatibility. You must learn to accommodate their demands and desires and similarly they should do the same for you as well. Like to make out even when you are tired just to make your partner happy, but all this you must do happily and not as an obligation or pressure.

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To accept incompatibility is a part of compatibility

Even if your sex drives mismatch those of your partner, you are supposed to take it in a healthy way and should try to accept incompatibility without any conflict. Talk about it and express your desires in a way that your partner instead of getting angry tries to understand your situation. Acceptance approach will give you a power to deal with the incompatibility in calm and a better way.

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