How to deal with depression during pregnancy

Emotional upheavals are common during pregnancy. The outflow of excessive hormones causes mood swings between highs and lows with little or no indications beforehand. This wrecks havoc on your nerves and leaves you feeling often depressed, neglected, and apprehensive. Here are some ways by which you can deal with such situations in a better way.

Seek support from your family

Most cases of prenatal depression is best treated at home with adequate family support. The best person to turn for help and advice is your mother and your partner. Your mother or another experienced female veteran of the family will be familiar with your situation and be able to provide you with the relevant suggestions, information and instructions. Your partner is another person you need to be frank with. Only after he is aware of your feelings and state of mind will he be able to guide you, remove your doubts, and help you feel better. Even if your feeling is unjustified, unreasonable and weird, do not hesitate to share it with someone caring. It will help you come out of the low feeling as well as make you feel loved and cared for.

Think positive and keep calm

Pre-partum depressions often come from negative thoughts about the soon to be born child or the thoughts of the imminent change in lifestyle to follow with the birth of the child. The best way to deal with these feelings is to remain positive about the future, hopeful of all good things that will happen and build on dreams to make motherhood a memorable experience. Take refuge in relaxation techniques of meditation and breathing exercises to relieve your mind from unnecessary thoughts and angst. Also, use this time to rekindle the love between you and your partner. Share your plans and dreams for your child. These positive thoughts about the future will help uplift your mood, ease your mental pressure and keep you relaxed.

Talk to your doctor

The physical and mental development during pregnancy undergoes a huge transformation and your doctor is one most capable person to guide you in overcoming this situation. Share your feelings and apprehensions freely with your doctor. He or she will suggest you ways to cope up with prenatal depression along with the preventive methods. He is the one person who is fully aware of and will help you be aware of your own body and its changes more vividly. Never feel shy to share your thoughts with your physician, as he should be aware of your mental health along with your physical health to help you overcome your mental blocks and accept it better.

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