How to deal with cocaine addict

Cocaine addiction makes an individual a complete slave as the addicted person cannot control anything he says, feels, does or even think. Such individuals therefore need a lot of support, care, love and peace to recoup from the severity of such conditions. Here are some ways to deal with cocaine addict.

Start by dealing with yourself first

Once you hear that someone in the family has become a cocaine addict, the family bonding gets affected immediately. Therefore, one would not be able to help the addicted person in the family until and unless he helps himself first, so that the initial shock of the addiction news gets passed away soon. Usually, after hearing such a news, rest of the family members alienate themselves from the person who has become a cocaine addict and this is where they falter big time. The family becomes too shocked to approach the addict in such a scenario. It is absolutely true that the way one deals with his own emotions during such circumstances would directly affect the way he approaches the cocaine addict in the family. Therefore, the foremost thing which needs to be done is to ‘get over the shock’. One might definitely not accept or like the fact that his son or brother has become a cocaine addict, but it is what it is and needs to be faced boldly.

Try to find a middle ground

One should always remember that cocaine addiction has nothing to do with the family. Both are at different ends of the field. Therefore, finding a place of commonality is the best way to ensure that one is able to communicate with the cocaine addict. One should start looking for something that is common with him and the addict and thereby use it as a tool to win the affection back. Do not wait to find this commonality as the longer you wait, more difficult the situation would get. Re-establishing the bond is definitely a wonderful way to bridge the void between addiction and understanding. Be sensitive to the strange behavior of the addicted person. It is to be realized that he is not the same person or rather in the same condition as there have been various chemical changes in his body and mind.

Stop enabling

Everyone must have heard of the ‘tough love’. The most appropriate way to describe ‘tough love’ would rather be the love that won’t be compromised ever nor can’t be taken any advantage of. Once you are sure that one of the family members has become addicted to cocaine, it’s high time to exhibit that ‘tough love’. If you already know that your son has become an addict, you should immediately stop giving him any bucks. Although, this would hurt you, but if you continue contributing to this ill cause, it would only enable your son to continue the addictive behavior. You should rather start become tougher and tougher with him when it comes to money so that he realizes that the way he is spending on this addiction is truly bad and extremely injurious to his health. Start counseling him as soon as you can so that it doesn’t get too late to get him back to normal.

Seek professional help

Cocaine addicts follow a unique way of making friends and the family members feel guilty when they are the people who should be experiencing guilt during such circumstances. Cocaine addicts can do anything to continue this using the substance of their addiction. Therefore, it is really important to seek the professional help immediately. This decision cannot be forced upon the cocaine addict rather they should make the decision of their own. Usually, such addicts do not surrender unless they have exhausted each available option that would allow them to continue using the substance of their addiction and abuse. Such decisions are like ‘hitting a rock bottom’. These decisions usually come after really long and hard bout with addiction, starvation, health issues and living arrangements.

Be supportive

After the cocaine addict in the family has decided to seek assistance and help, never hesitate in following through with them on this decision. Such addicts are known to change their minds immediately about seeking professional assistance within just a few hours of making any such promise. Therefore, at this moment it is really important that you should remain supportive of their actions as they are too vulnerable. They are just like little children who are frightened but also wish to experience freedom from the burden of such addiction. One should always remember that every battle fought with such addictions is unique in its nature and addiction attacks different people in different manners.

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