Behavior Guide

We tend to judge others by their behavior and ourselves by our intentions. The smallest details of our language and instructions have a potent impact on how people behave with us throughout life. The influence of genetics on human behavior is widely accepted. Patterns of human behavior are regulated by inheritance from parents. Social norms also leads humans to manipulate their own behavior in order to fit-in with others.


Good manners translate to good social behavior, personal conduct and character. While it is nearly impossible to list all of the things that certify as acceptable behavior, it is vital to keep certain things in mind about how to behave ourselves around other people in order to avoid bad behavior. Gossiping and telling unkind stories about others is one of the worst things one could do. Boasting and indulging in self display can make one look arrogant. Always trying to defeat others in an argument or interrupting people when they tell a story isn’t just rude, it’s also interpreted as bad etiquette.
Behavior works a lot around how a person’s current mindset is. And the mindset of a person is largely affected by external entities. If we choose to remain composed under testing time, it is not hard to develop good behavior in life.

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