How to deal with annoying siblings

Generally, people who don’t have siblings feel that their life is dull and boring. On the contrary, people who have siblings find it quite difficult to adjust with their brothers or sisters. In reality, smart people know how to handle their siblings in an efficacious way. Here are a few tips to deal with annoying siblings.

Stay calm to deal with annoying siblings

siblings might irritate you

Your siblings might irritate you in a number of ways. Instances like sleeping on your bed, picking up your personal calls, using your laptop, switching channels on the television, scribbling on your notebooks, lending your things to their friends, etc., might annoy you to the most. By expressing your anger towards your siblings for their mischievous behavior, you actually irritate yourselves. Instead, stay calm when your siblings trouble you. Initially, explain to them that their actions are troubling you. If they understand, probably they won’t trouble you further. In case, if their intentions are solely to annoy you, express a cool attitude and leave the place immediately. Never let ego to peep in between you and your siblings. Initially, this technique may sound odd. But, once you practice it, you will realize its benefits substantially.

Engage your siblings

Making a schedule of your activities for the day could help you to manage your siblings. If you anticipate that your siblings might trouble you at work, then call them voluntarily and assign some work. Ask them to clean their rooms, finish their homework, take a bicycle ride, listen to music, etc. Obviously, when they become busy with some other things, you can do your work without any disturbances. That’s one of the smartest ways to deal with your annoying siblings. However, don’t alert them about your intention. If they find it, you cannot use this technique anymore. On the other hand, you can make a genuine deal with them for not disturbing you. You may give them something in return for their favor. However, if you practice this deal often, they will get used to it and expect something in return for every job they do for you.

Be friendly to deal with annoying siblings

Be friendly to deal with annoying siblings

Moving in a friendly manner works pretty well for any kind of brothers or sisters. Don’t hesitate to share your problems with your siblings. Help each other at home and at work. In fact, if you maintain the optimum relationship level, your siblings will become your best friends ever. When you are going out for a movie or dinner, take your siblings along with you. Initially, you may find it quite awkward to take them along with your friends, due to the differences in age and gender. But, as you get used to it, you will become comfortable with them.

In fact, it will make your parents happy. They wouldn’t worry much about the safety of your younger siblings when they are hanging around with you. In case, if there is more difference in ages between you guys, say, for example, more than 5 years, then you may not expect a well established friendly relationship with them. Try to think from your siblings’ point of view to understand why they are troubling you. Doing so might help you solve the issues easily.

Support your siblings

Support your siblings as much as possible, especially in front of others. When you approach and support them during critical situations, they will understand your love for them. You can expect mutual benefits with this technique. In fact, it is one of the best solutions to deal with your annoying siblings. However, know your limits and give them sufficient freedom. Even if your siblings had done something wrong, support them when they are being scolded by your parents or others. These are the great opportunities to establish your love towards your siblings. Choose the path of kindness. Indubitably, you won’t regret it later. If they trouble you again, make a private discussion with them. Open up your views in a perceivable way. At one point, they will realize their mistakes and change their attitude.

Approach the elders

Approach the elders

If you are dissatisfied even after trying several attempts to solve the issues by yourselves, approach the elders in your home. As they have sufficient experience in dealing with people, obviously they will resolve your problem quickly. However, don’t make complaints about your siblings. Tell them that you are facing certain problems in the presence of your siblings and ask them to find a solution for your issues. Hopefully, they will solve your problems. However, never ignore your brothers or sisters under any circumstances. People believe that blood relations have more values than others. As you practice these techniques in your routine life, your issues with your siblings will disappear completely.

Do you have an annoying sibling?

Maybe you are stuck with an annoying sibling. Maybe your sibling seems to fight with you all day long. Or maybe, you are the sibling who always picks up a fight with your brother/sister. If your case is either of the above, here are some more effective tips to deal with your sibling.

Understand why do you fight so much


Okay! So there is a possibility that whenever you two have a scuffle it’s your sibling who instigates it, at least that is the explanation given by most of the kids. The fact of the matter is, nobody can’t fight alone. You might have a role in irking your sibling too. Stop irritating your brother or sister, this way you would oblige yourself more. He or she may react over silly things or may make a mountain out of a molehill to get into a fight with you but you can get out of it the moment you start doing a fair analysis.

Strengthen that bond

Remember how many times your naughty sibling has been your armor against the wrath of parents and teachers. Return such good gestures whenever you get them. A hug, a little care is all your naughty brother or sister needs to understand that you are actually not a rival, though you two may fight often over the bigger piece of cake or more candies. Sibling rivalry generally happens when there is very less communication between siblings. You two may have different lives but you share the same home and atmosphere, this can actually make you the best of friends.

Try to analyze the cause of tussle

cause of tussle

Whenever your sibling teases or bullies you, there is something that is on his or her mind. Whenever he or she says your complaint to your parents there is some reason behind it. Try to understand what prompts him to act against you. Is it that your parents praise you too much and don’t say a kind word to him. Such a situation is disastrous for the future. You may like bathing in praises, but the more you get it, the more your sibling seethes. Talk to your parents and try to make them understand the repercussions of such dual behaviors. This way you would gain the respect of your brother or sister, if not anything else.

Talk, talk and talk

Talking is the strongest bridge between siblings. Talk it out if you have something against each other. If you think that your sibling isn’t taking any such initiative, there is no harm in trying to talk to him. Start off as a friend. You may talk to him about his class fellows, friends, their family, etc. This way you two can start looking into each other’s life. Don’t ever humiliate your sibling, it would make things worst. If you don’t want to share something you can say it politely but don’t use words that may leave a scar.

Don’t give them a reason to fight

Don't give them a reason to fight

Whatever the reasons for a tussle between you and your siblings may be, it is never too hard to avoid a fight. If you don’t go along well keep your things separate. You can easily identify the main reasons that make you two fight. Ask yourself, do you behave badly with them, do they not respect you, do you people fill your parents’ ears against each other, do you intrude into each other’s matters. The moment you understand the main reasons and methods of your fight you can easily avoid them. At the end there is just one bottom line: it is a love-hate relationship like you have with many of your friends. You may fight and tease, but still, you want to be happy, together.

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