How to deal with ADHD

People suffering from ADHD end up living in frustration. However, there are many ways in which ADHD people can learn to lead their lives like a normal person. Read on more to find out how to deal with ADHD.


Medicines can help people with ADHD by reducing the symptoms such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity. However, these medicines should only be taken if prescribed by a doctor as they are known to have various side effects. Even the doctor would first try a combination of medicines before finally deciding which ones give the best results without any or minimal side effects. Also, medicines cannot cure ADHD completely. It may improve your ability to concentrate and control the hyperactive impulses; however, you may still struggle with emotional and social problems and disorganization. Moreover, the effect of medicines is short-lived as once you stop taking medication, your symptoms will reappear.


Since medicines are not 100% successful in curing ADHD, you need to combine them with some other form of therapy, which is both more effective and long-lasting. Coaching by an ADHD specialist or therapist will help you learn skills that are required to carry out day to day activities. Proper coaching can help an ADHD sufferer develop new skills such as social and communication skills and improve his time management. It begins by enabling the person to get rid of the shame and improve his self-confidence. It can also help the person become better at handling his emotions, reduce stress and control the hyperactive and inattentive behavior. Coaching can also help in educating the person about ADHD, understanding it better, appreciating the strengths and unique gifts that come along with this condition, and learning to use these qualities to achieve success and a better quality of life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been found to be very effective in dealing with ADHD. It is a psychotherapeutic approach that combines behavioral and cognitive therapies. Although, even CBT cannot replace medication, it has been proven to be more effective than medicines and other therapies for curing ADHD. It focuses on emotions and incidents in the past to determine the cause of the current problems and then developing approaches to cure the problems. It involves cognitive restructuring to improve a person’s ability to think more adaptively in situations of distress, training to reduce distractibility, and learning to organize and plan things better. CBT aims to teach self-control through one-on-one interactions with the therapist using techniques such as problem solving, role playing etc. A combination of medication along with CBT can be successful in dealing with ADHD.


Sharing your condition with family members and close friends will also help you deal with ADHD better. If the people close to you know about your condition they will be there by your side to help you deal with it. Encourage them to educate themselves about ADHD so that they are in a better position to help you deal with your condition. There are also many support groups for ADHD people. You can explore and find one in your own community or you could also join an ADHD support group on the Internet. Instead of feeling ashamed about your condition, join a support group where you will be able to meet people with the same condition as yours and also share your experiences with them. Joining a support group will also give you a chance to hear about other people’s struggle with ADHD and the methods they are adopting to deal with it.

Exercise and diet

Along with medication and therapies, there are also certain changes that you need to make in your lifestyle if you want to deal with ADHD. A healthy diet rich in dopamine building protein and essential fatty acids is very important for people with ADHD. However, make sure that you also include the right amount of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients in your diet. Make sure that you are drinking adequate water. Exercising is also as important as eating a correct diet as it helps in moving blood and oxygen to the brain faster. You could also try meditation as it will help relax your mind and give you better control over your moods and emotions.

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