Simple diet ingredients lay path to a perfect skin

Your regular diet is the main reason behind your skin texture. If you take a proper diet everyday, which should be simpleand balanced, you will get rid of many skin problems. A healthy diet must contain equal proportion of vitamins, protein and fats, which will not only enhance your skin texture but also make you look gorgeous and ever glowing. Here are some diet ingredients to ensure a perfect skin.


Salmon food (fish) is beneficial for reducing various skin diseases, such as itching and many other skin disorders. It consists of healthy fats, which protects your body and skin from harmful skin strokes and makes it sound and fair. It consists of vitamin D that provides proper amount of protein and nutrition.


Dark Chocolate:

Who does not like chocolates, every single person love them. However, do you know how good it is for your skin also? Dark chocolates are very good for skin. There are also many skin therapies and treatment done with dark chocolates and cocoa powder. It enhances your skin glow, saves you from serious skin damage and brightens your skin.


Green Tea:

As compare to normal tea and coffee, green tea is healthier. It is the world’s second largest consumed drink every day after water. It prevents sun damage. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays not only from outside but also from inside, and makes it look fresh every day.



Everyone knows that spinach is very good for health and saves you from many unwanted diseases, but few of them know that it is also good for your skin as well. It contains vitamins and minerals, which provides better skincare. It contains vitamin B that saves your skin from UV rays. Moreover, it repairs your skin, works as anti ageing factor, and improves your complexion.



Papaya is one such fruit that works wonder to skin. It helps in removing dead skin, reduce pimples and recovers cracked skin. It provides natural color with blushing skin and reduces the aging signs. Rich in many beneficial vitamins, it is a single solution for many skin problems. Rather than eating it, you can apply it directly over your face. It does not contain anything harmful and makes your skin smooth and soft.


Instead of using various skin products and experimenting with your skin everyday to get rid of skin disorder, it is better to follow a healthy diet and live young.

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