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How to be a better patient Guide


Dr Prem’s Guide on How to Be a Better Patient

You would like to get the most appropriate medical attention from your medical team. However, the most important aspect in this scenario is the patient, who is you yourself. Yes; there is a lot you can do for yourself as regards getting the best medical care. It is  essential that you take due consideration about various elements involved in better healthcare services, a better patient is always a successful element of better healthcare outcomes.

This guidebook, aims to provide some tips for you and some ways by which you can be a better patient. So you can enjoy reading this guide book and help yourself to become a better patient and get the best medical care.

As it is rightly said, ‘health is wealth’, protecting your health is very important. While you want to enjoy good health you would also like to care for your wellbeing. In order to protect your health and wellbeing, you would love to know the various aspects of being a better patient.

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