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Dr Prem’s Healthcare Marketing Guide Book

The concept of marketing remains the same for healthcare marketing too. However, healthcare is slightly different and a little more delicate as it deals with real consumers and tries to meet their everyday needs.

As the healthcare services mostly deal with resolving health concerns and providing care, they need to be planned and executed very carefully. Hence, the consumer or the patient takes a centre stage in healthcare service and the healthcare marketing focuses more on consumer needs. Additionally, there are other factors like government regulations, non-profit organizations, medical law and ethics, stringent consumer protection laws and third party insurance players that need to be managed well. Therefore, healthcare marketing becomes a more delicate subject and has to be developed keeping in view the society and the related factors.

There are several elements in Healthcare marketing which differ from other service marketing, Dr Prem’s Guide on Healthcare Marketing provide basic yet comprehensive insight about Healthcare Marketing. Following are important topics of:

Healthcare Marketing Guide Book

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