Five important tips for women to enhance their sexual health

All now know the importance of safe sex. However, just using protection during sex and consulting your gynecologist every once in a while is not enough to maintain good sexual health. Often women are so busy with their work and responsibilities that they forget the necessity of maintaining a good sex life. There are many things that you can do to keep fit and enjoy pleasant sex regularly without any difficulties. In this article, we have discussed some vital tips for women who are interested in enhancing their sex life.


Know yourself:

One of the most neglected body parts is the genitalia. Due to inhibitions and taboos, many women feel shy about touching or looking at their outer sex organ. If you really want to enjoy a great sex life then you should be well aware about the anatomy of your vagina. It will help you in finding out the exact condition of your vagina. You will be able to notice the redness or abnormal vaginal discharge and take the right precautions to prevent vaginal yeast and other diseases.

Change the way you clean yourself:

It is important that every woman cleanse her vagina regularly in the right way. Do not use scented soaps or body washes to clean your vagina. They contain chemical fragrant that may cause vaginal irritation. Never wash your genitalia with very warm water. Only use mildly warm water or cold water to clean that particular area. Hot water decreases the level of moisture and may cause irritation in the genitalia.


Drying methods:

You should gently dry the outer portion of your genitalia or the outer labia where hair grows. Leave alone the vagina and inner labia. They should stay moist so that you do not face problem due to dry and sticky labia when you are having sex or just walking.

Use the lubricants:

Get rid of the misconception that lubricants have to be used during the dry spells. You should use the lubes every time you have sex. The lubricants make sure that the condoms do not scratch your vaginal tissues. They are essential for women who have more than one sexual partner. Always keep a tube of lube in your handbag to stay safe from vaginal injuries and STDs.

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