About HPV vaccine

Human papillomavirus, which is commonly called as HPV, is a common virus and some of these viruses are known to cause genital warts or even cancer. It is found to be one of the main causes of cervical cancer in women and there is an increasing incidence of cervical as well as other cancers. Cervical cancer is known to cause the highest number of deaths, while the incidence of oro-pharyngeal cancers in men is also high.

The HPV can spread easily from one person to another by skin contact during sexual activity. It is possible that the virus spreads without the knowledge of either of the persons involved. Protection against some of the common types of HPV can be obtained by vaccinating against this virus. This can protect men and women from many health problems and sever ones like some types of cancers.


HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine is effective in protecting against diseases cause by some HPV types and most cervical cancers. They are found to be safe and effective in preventing cervical precancers in females.

The vaccine can be used for pre teens, especially before any sexual activity begins. Ideally, girls and ladies between the ages 13 and 26 should be given the vaccination to prevent against cervical cancers later on. It is possible that the infection is spread during the first sexual activity and hence vaccinating during the teens is the best start. The effectiveness of the vaccine is found to be highest when given at this age.

This is suggested for men and those who are involved in other sexual preferences. It is also recommended for those who are immune compromised or suffering from AIDS. A general recommendation of three doses of the vaccine is followed.

The HPV vaccines are safe and effective and are approved by the FDA. It is advisable to take a medical opinion about getting vaccinated and the right time should be decided. The vaccine brand and the dosage should be followed as per the doctor’s instructions.


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