A Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is one of the most famous types of weight loss diet in the fitness industry today. It follows a strict ratio of fat, protein and carb intake. A lot of studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of such a diet in promoting good health and weight loss. Here you will learn everything there is about eating a ketogenic diet for a total newbie.

What is the Ketogenic diet?


Have you tried using a keto meal delivery service or following a keto diet plan lately? If yes, then you’ve probably observed the very different food items included in a typical keto meal as compared to other weight loss meals.

Because the goal of the diet is to minimize carb intake, you won’t see food items like fruits, potatoes, pasta, beer, cooked rice, bread, chocolate, and doughnuts. Instead, you will find plenty of fat and protein-filled items like unprocessed meat, eggs, high-fat sauces, green leafy veggies, and high-fat dairy.

How does it work?

People who are aiming to lose fat tend to scratch their heads when they find out that the ketogenic diet specifically instructs people to consume food items rich in fat. While the idea seems crazy, there is enough scientific data to prove that it is indeed effective.

Eating a lot of fat-rich food and minimizing carb intake triggers a metabolic reaction called ketosis. It’s a process where the body switches to burning fats instead of carbohydrates to obtain energy.

Who shouldn’t use the ketogenic diet?


There are many controversies surrounding the keto diet. However, it’s safe for most individuals, although, there are some groups of people who need to check with their dietician and physician if they can use the ketogenic diet:

  • Individuals who take insulin and other similar drugs
  • Patients who medicate for high blood pressure
  • Women who breastfeed their kids

Is it really low carb?

With the ketogenic diet, you can only eat 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. That’s why it’s a truly effective way to lose weight. Start the diet by following the meal plan as strictly as you can. Consult with your dietician to determine the right balance of food items that you need to consume.

Is it a safe type of diet?


Because of the increased number of individuals who want to become healthy and lean, weight loss diet techniques such as the keto diet have gained so much recognition and popularity. There are, however, some people who fear that the diet might harm their body.

If you follow the meal plan and talk to your dietician about the proper serving sizes of each meal, you will do fine. It’s a completely safe weight loss diet as long as you don’t have diabetes or heart problems.

If you experience keto flu while you’re on the diet, be sure to keep yourself hydrated. You can add salt to your water to increase electrolyte levels in the body.

Are you aiming to lose weight the healthier way? The ketogenic diet may be the best option for you. Start planning your keto meals and know which food items you need to use with the short guide we provided above.

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