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World’s most fantastic subcultures

mexicanpointyboots__span Pointed shoes of Mexico  A quaint fashion trend can be seen at the Mexican city of Matehuala. You will notice people wearing long customized pointed shoes. This subculture has been born because of these people’s love for music. They love the tribal music, and dance to it wearing pointed shoes. Some people became too immersed in the length of their shoes that their shoes became as long as 1.5 meters. 2012-08-23-ScraperBikesAmber1 Scraper Bikers  Originating from San Francisco Bay Area, this subculture is obsessed with modifying their bikes. The bicycles are spray painted in fancy colors and decorated with aluminum foils. These attention grabbing bikes are takeaways of modified cars or trucks. gyaru Gyaru of Japan  Gyaru (or ‘gal’ when translated from Japanese) are women who are obsessed with beauty and style. They can go to any length to achieve their image of real beauty, such as big eyes, short skirts, and very high heels. The latest trend of this subculture is the schoolchild look. dekotora-bus-11 Decotora  Japanese really love to do crazy things. This subculture belongs to truckers. They decorate their trucks and remodel them to look like moving pieces of art. With chrome and neon customization, they can put car modifiers to shame. These truckers can go to any length in their enthusiasm to outdo each other and sometimes their trucks become outlandish. Still they have to confirm to traffic rules and laws. 7044702867_e24ec839d9_b-e1373655226239 Herero of Namibia  These women of Namibian tribe dress in the style of Victorian era. They wear long colourful dresses and 19th century and wear horn shaped hats. It is said that when German colonialists arrived in Namibia, they wanted the local population to dress according to German tastes. Though these people had to suffer a lot in the hands of Germans, but they still wear these clothes as a testament to their tribe’s determination and hope for a bright future. Summary: Some traits defy the mainstream culture and try to create their own identity. No doubt, subcultures add a different color to the cultural scene in this world.]]>

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