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World’s mightiest glaciers succumb to global warming!

Denying the evident and embracing the obscure never makes sense. This is what the climate skeptics had been doing for a long time in rebuffing the sure signs. They just can’t see constant flooding, infrequent monsoons, wet and dry extremes, inundating islands, heat waves and the melting of glacial caps. Even the recent study conducted by the University of Leeds deducing the faster melting rate of Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica is sure to be ignored. However, in fact, world’s mightiest glaciers are giving in to evermore mightier universal mercurial upsurge.

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Since 1980, global warming has forced some glaciers to disappear while some others are on the verge of extinction. If the outlet glaciers of the Greenland and West Antarctica kept on melting, the coastal regions worldwide will face the brunt for sure. If it happens elsewhere, notably the Andes of South America, the Himalayas in Asia, western North America, the Alps, Africa or subtropical South America, the aftermath will be equally appalling.

Glacier Peak Wilderness in the North Cascades of Washington has shown ample signs of recession during 33 long years.

glacial retreat 1
glacial retreat 2

Boulder Glacier in the Cascade Range of Washington is shrinking fast as shown in the image below.

glacial retreat 3

Seemingly identical Easton Glacier also meets the same fate.

glacial retreat 4

Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park through this photograph clearly demonstrates the retreat of this glacier.

glacial retreat 5

See how Andes fares against it.

glacial retreat 6
Image Courtesy: Earth Open Network

The Tibetan Glacier:

glacial retreat 7

Image Courtesy: RFA

The Swiss Alps in Arolla:

glacial retreat 8

Image Courtesy: Planet Ark

Antarctic Glacier:

glacial retreat 9

Image Courtesy: Photobucket

Check out the video to see global warming in a sinister glory:

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