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Will climate change replace the cold-water animals with their warm-water cousins?

the antarctic limpets cant grow as quickly as theiIt has long been a well-pronounced fact that climate change is alarmingly increasing the sea temperatures. This in turn, is found to be endangering the cold-water marine life.

Unable to adapt to the climate change effects, the future of the cold-water marine animals seem grim. And, they may soon be forced to give way to their warm-water loving cousins.

This is well found in the growth rate of a species of Antarctic limpets — a type of small mollusk. Its growth rate can’t compete with its limpet cousins, while in warmer climates.

It is to the extend that, when introduced to warmer water its growth also stunts!

The leader of the study, Keiron Fraser of the British Antarctic Survey said,

Sea temperature is predicted to increase by around 2 degrees Celsius in the next 100 years. If cold-blooded Antarctic animals can’t grow efficiently or increase their growth rates, they are unlikely to be able to cope in warmer water or compete with species that will inevitably move into the region as temperatures rise.

What bolsters the prevailing fact, is that it is the ‘protein’ that leads to growth, which lead the polar species grow at a slower rate compared to that of the temperate and tropical species, — and not ‘scarcity of food’ during the winter as previously believed.

So, the marine future seems to undergo a dramatic change and will lead only the warm-water animals thrive, if the climate change continues at the present pace.


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