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Why to choose teak wood furniture for your home

lovely-colorful-teak-wood-furniture-set-modern-wood-furniture It is also a great choice for outdoor furniture, as it does not require preservatives. Due to the presence of silica in the wood, it is known to cause serious blunting of the edged tools. It has also been used to manufacture outdoor furniture, boat decks. Other uses include cutting boards, indoor flooring, countertops and veneer for indoor furnishings. In India, it is used extensively to make doors and window frames, furniture, and columns and beams in old type houses. Some of its other products include Pellakai gatti or jackfruit dumpling, which is made from its leaves. This mainly found in Tulunadu region of the coastal district of Udupi in South India. The teak tree has become very expensive and for those who may not afford it, its alternatives include the angelic, Purpleheart and the Iroko. Here are some of the advantages of teak wood: hard-teak-wood-table Durability: The teak wood from an old teak tree is a great for home furniture. It endures harsh conditions, but remains strong and turns to a lovely silver-gray color. Easily Cleaned: It does not require steel or other hard cleaning materials. It only requires clear dish soap and water for cleaning. For stains, you can have Teak-cleaning agents that do not require scrubbing. tambang Strength: Teak is a hardwood and has lots of oil in it that keeps it strong. It can support large loads and thus people. Low Cost Maintenance: It does not require much maintenance, such as applying oil, as it has its own oil. It only requires washing or moping. Only the old teak tree can be used to make furniture. The two are very differentiable, since they have different characteristics. The young teak wood contains fibres and pores become larger in due course. Teak wood rots easily in damp areas. Summary  People with poor knowledge often over-maintain the teak, and drastically shorten its life. One option is to use no finish at all; in this case, the wood will naturally become pleasing silver-gray.]]>


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