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Where You Need to Go to See the Priciest Aquariums in the World

Owning the World’s Priciest Aquarium Owning the World’s Priciest Aquarium Limited to only three pieces worldwide, the Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition Aquarium is a handcrafted luxury aquarium, which will set you back by a whopping $4.8 million. A collaborative effort between Aquavista and luxury product designer, Stuart Hughes, the aquarium holds the title of the world’s most costly aquarium. This larger-than-life aquarium can be mounted on a wall surface. It has been constructed with almost 150 lbs. of gold metal and acquires its name from the mammoth tusk side veneers, which claim to have the shavings of T-Rex bones in them. There are a number of different sizes available for your benefit, ranging from 5 feet to almost 10 feet wide. One of the most attractive features about this whole aquarium is the amazing facilities on offer such as an automatic feeder, heater, dual filtration mechanism, air pump, CO2 generator and lighting which helps to diminish the amount of maintenance needed every month to just fifteen minutes. However, if the idea of owning an aquarium does not appeal to you, you could always try taking a trip to one of the most expensive marine zoos around the world. This will allow you to take a vacation and help your kids gain some knowledge about marine life at the same time. Middle-Eastern Delights – Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre Middle-Eastern Delights – Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, located in Doha Street, UAE, is home to more than 85 varied species of marine creatures and fish which amounts to almost 33,000 in number. There are three separate types of ecosystems just waiting to be explored by you and your kids. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the immense viewing window in this venue happens to be the largest acrylic panel in the world with a size of 32, 88 X 8.3 meters with a thickness of 750 mm. A number of unique activities are present for visitors to participate in like cage snorkeling and specialty dives. The Dubai aquarium belongs to a large entertainment and shopping area, which opened its doors in November of 2008. As a bonus for children, it is present just opposite to a candy store. AQWA in the Land Down Below AQWA in the Land Down Below The AQWA aquarium is renowned for its assortment of common sea life derived from in and around the oceans and seas of the continent of Australia, mainly from the West Australian coast. The primary aquarium measures an incredible 40 x 20 meters with a 4.5 meter depth. However, the main source of attraction is the 98 meter long underwater passage which is equipped with clear, transparent surfaces through which you can view beautiful and interesting sea creatures like sharks, seals, starfish, turtles and coral reefs in their natural habitat. Dive Down to the Far East – the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Dive Down to the Far East – the Okinawa Churaumi Aquariumc The Okinawa Tyuraumi was once considered the largest aquarium across the globe. It is designed in a manner, which offers you a clear glimpse of the marine ecosystem from the islands of Japan. Divided into three distinct zones, visitors are first shown the natural world of coral reefs and shallow water bodies. They are then guided to descend further down into the aquarium proper and examine the species that inhabit the warm Kurushio current waters. Lastly, visitors are shown examples of creatures, which inhabit the bottom of the ocean and stay hidden from the eyes of the people. Europe’s Largest Aquarium – L’Oceanogràfic Europe’s Largest Aquarium – L’Oceanogràfic The L’Oceanogràfic aquarium is situated in Valencia, Spain at the very center of the marvelous futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. It is an open-air marine park and the largest in all of Europe, spread across a total space of more than 110 thousand square meters. The primary building was constructed by Felix Candela, the renowned Spanish architect in the shape of a water lily plant. It is home to more than 45,000 types of different fish and aquatic animals, which form the ecosystem of the Arctic and Antarctic, the Mediterranean Sea and the tropical water bodies.]]>

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