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Weight gain in pregnancy isn’t a bad thing

You were expecting to put more weight once you saw a positive sign on that plastic stick. You probably also prepared for the real consequences of a pregnant body such as swollen breasts, thicker thighs that everyone notices about you. Often, the weight gain is not looked upon favorably, and some women might even consider it a hassle. That would be an incorrect way to go about things. If you are surprised with your pregnancy weight gain, well, it is normal. Weight gain during pregnancy can give you a positive experience, and be good for your health, and that of the baby. Here are the five things about weight gain during pregnancy, and you will see it is not as bad as you think.


Increased weight is required for the baby’s growth

For the growth of a developing baby, body weight is needed for support. Women who do not have sufficient body weight during pregnancy can have preterm or low weight baby. This may result in consequences at birth and later in life such as breathing, heart, and digestive problems.

You should take prenatal supplements to complete nutritional deficiencies in your diet during pregnancy. Vitamins including folic acid and iron can improve your health and minimizes the risk of preterm birth, low weight gain. While taking any of the vitamins, remember to first consult your doctor.

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Hormones turn on cravings

During pregnancy, your hormones turn on cravings, you can find incredible changes in food taste, and your body stores all extra calories as fat to be used later to give nutrition to the baby.

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Increased breast size due to fluid

Your breast size rises, as pregnancy hormones rise. You can suppose to gain about two pounds in your breast due to increased fluid, swelling, and early milk production.


Increased butt does not last forever

Yes after knowing, the truth that the weight gained during pregnancy is not last forever, you can relax a little and may be you will then love your curves.


Reduce those pounds quick

Once you push your baby out, you will immediately lose about 11 pounds with all that amniotic fluid and placenta. After some weeks, the baby making hormones will completely level off, and your body will free the fluid weight. You do not have to eat too much while pregnant, eat right and do regular exercise to lose the remaining pregnancy weight more quickly.


Weight gain during pregnancy should not have the negative concoctions that some associate with it. Yes, you may feel swollen from all the sides of your body, but after giving birth, you can drop gained weight with regular exercise and right eating.


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