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Vintage themed décor for growing kids’ bedroom

vintage style teen girls bedrooms34   The growing kids who are nearing their teens will not like room decoration loved by toddlers. Vintage themed room decors can save you the trouble of redecorating the kids’ room every year. Vintage themes have a timeless charm and eternal beauty about them. They will look great for a long time and keep your kids happy. The vintage nautical theme looks great in a nursery. It can also be used in a growing boy’s bedroom. You just need to know a few tricks to make this theme work. Choose a dark and vibrant color like sunshiny yellow, dark orange, burnt red, and midnight blue. You have to use your creativity and imagination while painting the room of your growing kid. kids-room3 Make the vibrantly colored wall special. It should help your kids relate the wall with some pleasant scenery. For example, midnight blue will remind them off the dark and wild sea. To bring a little variety of color you can leave some space in the middle of the wall in the shape of a sail and then paint it in white and red stripes. This will remind the kids about lovely sailboats. Awasome-Rag-Doll-Kids-Room-Design Choose girlish colors like lovely lavenders and different shades of pink for your daughter’s room. Get some nice vintage furniture that offers lots of storage space for all the belongings of your growing kids. You can use lace bed sheets and vintage style cushion covers for making the rooms look even lovelier. Antique art pieces and toys can be kept on display to enhance the vintage charm of your kid’s room. Pick a motif such as flower, sailboat or anything else that your kids like and use it in different décor items. Summary: Vintage theme works well for the bedrooms of growing kids. Kids do not get tired of them easily or outgrow them. Vintage theme has a certain timelessness that everyone loves.]]>


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